Ask Mabel

Ask Mabel

Your chance of a private and focus time with Mabel.

Ask Mabel your business questions while she cleans with you and your problem.The cleaning starts when you sign up and it goes on even after the call.
Get some clarity, creative ideas and lot's of inspiration.

30-minute private call

Only US$125


1 hour private call
Only US$250



2 Responses to “Ask Mabel”
  1. Lisa Francis says:

    Hi .. I would like to sign up .. will someone contact with me to arrange the appointed time for the call after I sign up .. please advise .. do i sign up and wait for instructions ?
    Thank you .. Lisa

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Hello Lisa, Yes, after you sign up you will receive instructions, but basically you send us an e-mail here with your time availability.
      Do you have Skype? For Mabel is easier for Skype while she is traveling, but she can call you to your phone if necessary.
      Thank you!

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