Ho’oponopono is "The Secret"

Ho’oponopono is

I share with you an article that I wrote back in 2008, but you will find that still applies today. Hope it helps to clarify and supports your journey. The Secret Tells Only Part of the Secret “Ho’oponopono is beyond ‘The Secret.’ That’s what Joe Vitale, one of the authors of The Secret, declared in January, 2007, at a seminar he presented with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, in Texas. Ho’oponopono is “The Secret” I decided to write my book The Easiest Way because I knew I had discovered a secret and I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

The Best-kept Abundance Secret is FREE

The Best-kept Abundance Secret is FREE

Aloha my friend! Ever since I’ve been working on my new book, the writing process made me want to look back at my first book, The Easiest Way. As I looked over the first few pages I had a profound discovery about prosperity and I had to share with you. Read this whole email to see one easy thing you can do right now to boost your wealth (and it doesn't cost a dime!). If you have read the book, you might remember I start by thanking the people who shared seminars, books and yoga workshops when I started my spiritual... Continue Reading →

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