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Miracles and Stories

Dear Mabel,
Hope you remember me, we met in November 2014 in Astana, Kazakhstan, and I am the sister of an autistic child. For better understanding I attached a picture.
I want to say, Thank You! Because I have been practicing Ho'oponopono since I came from the seminar. I practice it all the time, I apply all the teachings and tools. I've felt pain on my chest where my heart is. They came suddenly, with no reason, and dissapeared the same way. Thus I concluded that blocks could go away from my body this way. I saw significant changes that happened with me. I live in peace with myself. My mom says I became wiser, I never quarrel and I always try to forgive. I had a problem with my job, I could not find the place or work I loved, but this year I started to work in such a good place. I am now working with good people and at a job I like. It seems like everything is helping me and it only depends on myself. I will continue cleaning. I am really grateful for this seminar. I also wanted to share that we started a new treatment with my little sister. I know everything will be ok. We'll see.
Thank you for showing up in my life,

- Aliya, Russia

Hi Mabel,
I want to tell you what happened to my husband and me, last Friday August 15th. Thursday in the afternoon we travelled from where we live to the Capital city, Valledupar because the following day I was to depart really early to Maracaibo, Venezuela. I am going to enroll in the teacher’s certification program in that city. My husband was to return to our town and I would be traveling alone, but he insisted that he would not leave until he saw that I crossed the other country’s border. I kept on telling him, not to be afraid, that everything will be okay.  Yet, something strange happened (Of God).
As I was leaving at the crack of dawn, in the car that was to take me to the other city, I called him to tell him I was already in route, for him to get some rest and sleep. He told me he was not able to sleep until the sun came out and then decided to get up again.
When he woke up, he noticed that your Peace bracelet that we bought in Medellin moved from his right hand to the left. We had just spoken on the cell phone but since this happened he thought of calling me back, but didn’t. 
Minutes later I was the victim of an attack by a delinquent indigenous group that usually hangs out on the roads to attack the cars that pass by certain places in Guajira, Colombia.
Also, the chauffeur that was to drive me from Valledupar, decided to transfer me to another car, because his feet were hurting and didn’t want to drive like that. When they changed me to another car, instead of getting mad, I thanked God because I thought God must be deviating me from something. Nevertheless, I was the victim of an attack, but still I am certain that it could have been worst.  During the attack, I kept repeating “Thank You, I love you”, and so, they only took my money. The delinquent did not search my purse where I had my cell phone and nor did he hurt me. At the end, I believe that God wanted me to live this so I could clean and only HE knows for what other reason. We’re troubled about the incident with my husband’s bracelet but have a certainty that it was a sign from God.
My husband wired me money. I was able to continue my trip and accomplish was I was set to do.  We thought of the possibility of abandoning all our plans, even though I was already registered and all was in order, due to what happened, but the next day I woke up with great enthusiasm with the university and with a I definite wish to continue with my plans.

Thank you Mabel, we wanted to share this with you. We love you!

- Glenia Milena Montero Luna, Colombia

Hi there.
Thank you, Mabel, for listening to me today. Today was a terrible day, nothing could lift my morale. Something inside me told me to consult Mabel. I assure you a miracle happened. It's only been 5 minutes since I contacted her, and a special sensation came from my head down to my toes, a sensation I've never felt before, Unexplainable. Since that moment, everything changed, an amazing energy came over me and I started to do many things at once. I felt immense happiness. After I spoke with her, I started to feel so much better. I'm starting to see things clearer and with a different perspective. I've been practicing Ho'oponopono for one year now and I can honestly tell you that things in my life have changed, though, I still have relapses. When I see that I give God permission things start to come to me in a way I would have never imagined. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- Vanina A. Alonso, Italy

Hi there.
I wanted to share with you a very nice story.
My son lost a shoe and I got tired of searching for a week, so I stopped and I said out loud so it could hear me: – I will search no longer, please show up, you find yourself the way so I can see you, but I got tired of looking for you (I spoke to the shoe) and I said: I love you, thank you, thank you.
Ok, today, two days later, I had to bend over to pick something up, and I wasn't even thinking about the shoe, and suddenly ... Zuas! The show shows up. I could not help but laugh out loud; I kissed the show and said: You did very well, I love you. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
My husband laughed because he heard me two days ago asking the shoe to appear. Thanks for reading.

- Yesmi

I love that you are so kind and responsive to your followers. I want to tell you that last night I tried sleeping with the seminar manual I received when I took the seminar last February, 17th , in Los Angeles. However, I wasn’t able to sleep and I kept repeating “light switch” all night long instead -which is normal to me , what it´s not usual is to have a sleepless night- , snoozing a couple of minutes between short dreams reliving memories of the past . But, I kept cleaning looking at my watch , being grateful while repeating “light switch” I got up earlier than usual and I wasn’t tired , since being awake exhausted me a lot but I fell good today, it was different.

Since I took the seminar, I have been practicing all the tools with much more passion and the results have been amazing! Situations that used to deeply affect me emotionally do not do any more or not so much lately. Regarding “light switch,” I was able to help a client of mine to help her son who was going to be 180 days in prison. After using this tool he was sentenced to only 7 days house arrest and the rest of the sentence on probation.

Another great result I want to tell you is that a couple of days ago I was told that I ´m going to get my legal immigration documents in only a few months and for sure this is due to HO´OPONOPONO . I´m very happy this door opened up for me after living 12 years as an illegal immigrant and have been practicing all this for only year now.

Thank you so much for sharing so many blessings with so many people who are making possible all this extension of gratitude and harmony.

The blue solar water tastes great, I prepare a kind of lemonade and I give it to my kids who enjoy it very much. I gives me a lot of energy and my anxiety goes down too. A couple of months ago I was a bit worried regarding my thyroids problem and the overweight that has caused, now I´m at peace and accept 100% responsibility for all that comes my way. I love listening to her CDs. because of Mabel´s vibration that it´s extremely high. I cannot feel this with that many people. She has a high frequency within herself. I´m a very sensitive person and as I listen to her voice I can feel her aura and the harmony within.

I´m sorry, I don’t know if it´s you Mabel who is reading these words but I felt that I had to tell and whoever read it will also benefit from them.
Thank you and a million blessings for so much LIGHT!


--Alma, Los Angeles

Dear Mabel,

l hope you are great.

l want to tell you what happened with my lawsuit. Remember l told you about it when you were in Zagreb, and you kindly cleaned with it?

When l was in Zagreb, my lawyer told me that the was going to be February 7th. at 8.00 in the morning. l was cleaning as you told me...

I was so scared, I felt soooooooooooo bad.

I couldn't sleep a few days before he date of the hearing... and the day before, February 6th. l called my lawyer, to see if we had to meet, to prepare. Then he told me that l was mistaken, that the hearing was not on the 7th, that it was on the 19th at 12.00 Noon.

There is no way l misunderstood. He repeated it few times, and it was too important for me to forget it... and in Croatian, 7 and 19 sounds totally different, l couldn't hear wrong. And 8.00 am instead of 12.00 pm.... no way! :) )))

Again, I did the cleaning... the day before l went to the lawyer, and he prepared me. l felt awful, l thought l would really looked guilty, my hands and my voice were shaking. Then, when l came home, my lawyer called me to tell me that their lawyer has asked for postponement, that they were all sick and they couldn't come tomorrow!! Yes!! Again l got more time to clean :)))

And then, the same day, they called, and said they wanted a settlement, outside the court.

Today it is officially confirmed!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

So, for me this is proof, that cleaning really works and changes things.

Mabel, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

l will never thank you enough for everything...

l am looking forward to Belgrade,

Have a wonderfull time, and a lot of success!



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