Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck
Published: January 21, 2009

I received a "troubling" email this morning regarding what a friend was planning to "do" in a business deal with mutual friends.

As I cleaned on what was going on in me that I was disturbed, I remembered two recent posts by my friend Dr. Pam Pappas on her blog "Ho'oponopono For the Doctor's Soul". Please see "100% Responsible--For What" and "Ho'oponopono: Unclogging the Soul". The following is what I gleaned from these two posts that helped me to get unstuck, clear and at peace in just a few minutes.

  • I clean to be clear, unstuck, unshackled, unfettered by thoughts and memories replaying.
  • I clean to be at peace and free.
  • I clean to unclog my Soul.
  • Most "stuff" I fret over is none of my business anyway.
  • My business is to clean what is in me that is replaying as criticism, judgment, worry, anger, guilt, fear, hurt, anxiety, how come, why, and what if.
  • Dr. Hew Len says, "It is not the function of the intellect to know. It is the function of the intellect to clean."
  • Mabel Katz says, "You are responsible because they are your thoughts. You are not responsible for anything else but to let them go." "The only question any of us need to ask is am I cleaning enough?"

Thank you Pam and thank you Mabel Katz and Ihaleakala Hew Len. I am grateful.


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