My First Year Practicing Ho'oponopono

My First Year Practicing Ho'oponopono
Published: January 22, 2009

This March 2009 will mark the end of my first and beginning of my second year practicing Ho'oponopono — Letting Go.

One year ago, a good friend said to me, "I have a book for you, 'The Easiest Way' by Mabel Katz. It's the only book you need to read on Ho'oponopono." I'd known only a little about Ho'oponopono. I, of course, immediately ordered the book, read it in one sitting and felt forever changed. Hopeful, happier, more love. Just from one read.

I was then inspired to email Mabel, thank her for her book and was happily surprised to receive a warm, energetic reply. Soon, after I learned of Mabel's teleclasses, I signed up for my first one in March 2008.

I've continued taking her teleclasses throughout the past year as well as attending my first seminar with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. Since doing so, I've experienced many changes in my life. Some would say a difficult year ensued, but as I have learned — "A problem is a problem only if we say or think it's a problem. How we react to the problem is often the problem." I won't argue it is, as Ihaleakala and Mabel sometimes say, "easy to talk the walk ... but to walk the talk is not always so easy", but each time I apply my cleaning tools I feel greater and greater trust and awe in what Divinity has planned.

What at first blew in as a "scary" year ahead has, looking back, been a year of great blessings. I'd always been dependent upon others financially and my house was put on the market this past Summer. I did my cleaning, asking Divinity that the house might sell at the perfect time and I might find another place to rent at the perfect time and that is just what happened. Just as that door closed, a new door opened — independence.

That event in itself (while continuously doing my cleaning) brought about many good things as I look back — one of the reasons I was terrified was an addiction I had been unable to let go of for many years. One day this Autumn, I awakened and had had enough and stopped self-medicating and numbing myself.

Again, more independence. I believe preparing and drinking the blue solar water and the cleaning by both myself and the wonderful family of people on Mabel's teleclasses helped set me free. My subconscious/inner child no longer feels smothered. Now I'm actually thirsty for independence and getting to know who "I" truly am.

I am letting go of the 19 year relationship I've been in. I've experienced my partner going through serious legal charges as well as alcoholism and, looking back, am truly grateful again for the opportunity to clean up whatever is in me that has created it and everything else that shows up in my experience. Once again, I was quite frightened at first, but cleaning and trusting in Divinity and that part of me that knows better brings Peace.

I'm not even aware of making any decisions — but rather, doing my best to clean and observe and let go. It's quite miraculous in hindsight to come to witness how things unfolded perfectly thus far and I now truly do trust. If I clean and let go, life will continue to just flow through me.

I won't deny I might not have kept plugging along with the cleaning were it not for Mabel reminding me, "It's just your thoughts, Greg. You can delete them. LET GO!". I feel blessed to be in the company of Mabel and those on the calls and am grateful. (I personally feel Mabel's voice itself is a cleaning tool!).

I'll be back to write more... I am certain of that.

-Greg Kalajian


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