Ho'oponopono Works!

Ho'oponopono Works!
Published: February 15, 2009

The Easiest WayBack in July of 2008, I watched the Mabel Katz TV show for the first time.

During that show, she mentioned the word "Ho'oponopono," the name Ihaleakala Hew Len, and the title of her book "The Easiest Way." The information Mabel provided during the show got my attention. I purchased and read her book. I then signed up for two short seminars as well as teleconferences to augment my learning.

The remainder of 2008 I continued to practice the Ho'oponopono cleaning -- letting go. I prepared and drank solar water; another wonderful Ho'oponopono tool. I made some positive changes in my life, and felt more at peace. These days I am less angry. I continue to clean -- erase toxic memories. Memories, which have kept me stuck, making the same wrong decisions and just going around in circles. In January of this year, I attended "The Easiest Way" Live Seminar with Mabel Katz and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. During the seminar, I had my Epiphany! The puzzle pieces fell into place. Many of the questions in my mind about Ho'oponopono were answered. I decided that weekend that I couldn't go back to do "life as usual." My life will be extraordinary! I will clean without expectations. I will practice all the amazing information shared. I've only just begun in knowing that the best is yet to come. Thank you. I Love You.

-Hilda Lugo



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  1. Erika L Soul says:

    I have listened to many of Mabel Katz's online radio interviews and some teleconferences also with Dr. Hew Len and read Mabel's book "The Easiest Way" over the last year and a half. I am always grateful for the tips and sharing that she gives to everyone. I have benefited from her insights and wisdom and her experiences with the cleaning.

    This method is one that requires you to put in the effort to achieve the state of peace and love that can be the result of ho'oponopono. You don't get it by saying give me what I want. You have to earn it by cleaning and letting go and letting God do what God wills. So we are all children of the Divine who can become aware that there is a loving parent (God) holding us at all times and that we can learn how to let go and trust that we are being held. If you don't like the "God" word, just substitute the "Divine" or any other word you like.

    The anxiety we feel is just the memories replaying causing us to whimper and cry and feel scared. If we just quiet ourselves with the cleaning phrases until we feel at peace, then we can hear the loving voice of God telling us all is well and all is OK. If we can let go and trust that God is there in the silence and is always waiting for us to awaken to this truth.

    I love you dear memories that displace my awareness of God and the truth. Thank you. I am free. I am home. I remember who I am. I can be at peace and trust that everything will work out perfectly according to the Divine's will, not my will of my wants and needs, but thy will be done.

    The cleaning is necessary, for without it we are stuck in the movie of the illusion that we have created with false data. We can learn how to love and accept that all that is happening is only for our good and our benefit.

    -Erika L Soul

  2. Madison says:

    Ho'ponopono is Amazing,
    I look forward to learning more & the process of applying the Law of Attraction & Ho'oponopono method to my living.

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