Ho'oponopono Cleaning with Kamaile

Ho'oponopono Cleaning with Kamaile
Published: April 28, 2009

Kamailelauli'I and Mabel KatzLast night's Q and A was so much fun with Kamaile. We had so many wonderful questions. Questions about cleaning before a new job and cleaning when you're on an airplane. One woman asked about how to clean with her nightmares. Others asked health questions like cleaning for pregnancy and for menopause. Many opportunities came up to clean.

Kamaile came up with incredible cleaning tools. She talked about her work with Morrnah Simeona.

People from all over the world asked their questions. Some people were just learning about Ho'oponopono. Other people on the call had been practicing Ho'oponopono for many years.

As always, great stuff came up on the call such as:

  • How something really happens when we clean
  • How to partner with our inner child when doing the cleaning
  • What are the right questions to ask
  • What and whom do we include in the cleaning
  • Thoughts are really things

We discovered the amazing karmic consequences of our cleaning.

In case you missed this wonderful call, you can get the podcast and the Action Guide. There's a good chance you'll find answers to your questions when you hear what other people have asked.

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7 Responses to “Ho'oponopono Cleaning with Kamaile”
  1. Cory says:

    I Loved the call with Kamaile. I adore that she answers so thoughtfully with years and years of experience and humor often included, as was my case. I always notice a great surge of energy before, during and after a call with Kamaile. I was very serious about my question, too serious in fact, since it's only memories replaying that can definitely be voided. It's always more than worth it to be reminded each time. I can tell that since the call, I've lightened up with the delicious new tool I was provided. In the three days since, I'm feeling the problem starting to dissolve some. Thank you Kamaile and Mabel for another Enlightening Ho'oponopono call. ­čÖé

  2. mary gilligan says:

    Hi Mabel,

    Thank you for given me the opportunity to discuss the call. Truthfully, I didn't think the call was so great. I expected more in view of the cost $75 . I felt alot of time was missed out on who would answer also waiting for people to ask a question. I get much much more from your question and answers and think they are much better value.

    I am considering purchasing your double 6 week package. I love Ho'oponopono and I think you are brilliant, brilliant at explaining and you bring such enthusiasm, fun and excitement to Ho'oponopono.

    Thank You. Thank you.
    Mary Gilligan Ireland

  3. Kim says:

    Hello Mabel and Kamaile,

    Thank you for the cleaning, I was able to see how much more cleaning I needed to do with fears about my health as a woman, reproductive organs. It was a great wake up call about how much mess is around me that I can clean on with this. A lot of fears I was having just the night before about stability in my family's living arrangements also dissipated quickly the next day, as well as a release of some old anger and disappointment about expectations of the role of the father in the family. And just a general sense of flow in my work with clients at work, like being able to speak and connect without emotional over involvement either before or after.

    Mahalo nui loa!

  4. Barbara says:

    I had a funny experience in that when I was listening to the call I wasn't sure how great I thought it was, and then when I tried to send a question it didn't get through... it was like things just weren't working for me. I kept cleaning, and even though my question didn't submit, the question was actually discussed anyway! When I listened back to the download, I found the call was actually wonderful and so helpful. I found KR's Morrnah story about a client cleaning on plane travel and KR's reminders about the responsibilities we may not realize we owe to be so compelling - it takes this practice to a new level for me. I'm so grateful for IZI LLC and the way that Mabel, Dr. Len & KR continue to spread the word about self-identity through ho'oponopono. Worth every penny! I wouldn't miss one of these calls any more, no matter what! Peace love and zero, Barbara

  5. Thanks for sharing the this wonderful information, I am really Glad to be here.

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