Letting Go

Letting Go
Published: May 2, 2009


Letting Go
by Suzanne Marshall Lucas

Giving up is merely quitting
Letting go is sweet release
Giving up is cries of anguish
Letting go is perfect peace
Giving up is hard and heavy
Letting go is loose and light
Giving up is simply failure
Letting go, success in sight
Giving up is very human
Letting go is most divine
Giving up is death at sundown
Letting go, the rising sun
Giving up is "There, it's over"
Letting go, "I've just begun!"



One Response to “Letting Go”
  1. Mabel Katz says:

    We confuse letting go with giving up. Some of you think "my destiny", " my luck"
    No way! you are constructing your own destiny and luck, every moment, with the decisions you take. We are choosing 24/7. We are taking decision ALL THE TIME. Most of the time we do it from our memories, our programs, totally unconsciously.
    That is why I am reminding you every week in my teleclasses, so you can be awake, and do better (more conscious) choices.
    Hopefully you will be letting go more, instead of reacting. That is where the field of all potentially like Deepak Chopra calls it, is.
    Not even God knows what you are going to chose, so he doesn't know your destiny either!! He is patiently waiting for you to decide to let go and let HIM take care of your problems, so you don't get into more problems!!
    Michael Beckwith said" Do you want that? LEt it go! You don;t want that? Let it go!
    Your are Free to choose. Set yourself FREE!! Choose "letting go"

    God Bless You,

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