Mabel Katz Interviewed on TCB Radio

Mabel Katz Interviewed on TCB Radio
Published: May 6, 2009

Just listened to a podcast of Mabel's interview with TCB radio host and New York trial lawyer Rich Solomon. He calls his show "Taking Care of Business"

Even though I've heard Mabel before, I discovered new ways of looking at the circumstances of my life.

In just an hour, Mabel covered everything from the importance of letting go and forgiveness to the selling of negativity on the news. She even talked about 9-11 and what she believes it meant.

Rich began by asking Mabel how we get centered and grounded in an overwhelming world. She told us to let go, to stop resisting. And to stop talking to people about our problems. That the more we resist and the more we talk to people about our problems, the more we attract more of those problems into our lives.

Reminded the listeners that everything we do is a choice. So when we watch the news on TV, we're choosing negativity. I was glad to hear that since we don't watch my TV in my family.

If you haven't listened to this radio interview, you're in for a big treat. It's available free at TCB Radio I'm going to listen again.



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  1. Mara Udler says:

    Another great interview!
    I am a big fan of Mabel! Last November I took the SITH Course with Dr. Hew Len in Washington DC, and after that I learned about Mabel. I fell in love with her little book “The Easiest Way”, and translated it into Portuguese. I am Brazilian and live in Sao Paulo. I have attended several of her webteleclasses and a great seminar in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her classes are superb! Mabel shares with love and open heart. She has helped me a lot, and through her I've learned the importance of letting go and being at peace with whatever is going on in my life. Thank you Mabel. I love you.

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