Zero Fequency Returns with Part Two

Zero Fequency Returns with Part Two
Published: May 7, 2009

Zero Frequency with Mabel KatzThe Zero Frequency, Part One, TeleWebcast that I did last month was so popular that I'm doing Zero Frequency, Part Two this month. I can't wait. I know you'll love it. I've even got some special surprise guests for you! And I've got an online special for you too. (If you missed Zero One, you'll certainly want to get this special. Even if you did come to Zero One, you'll still want the special. It will save you money.)

Zero Frequency, Part Two starts on May 12 at 5pm Pacific/7pm Central/8pm Eastern. Then it continues on May 19, May 26, and June 2. I do hope you'll come. You can listen anywhere in the world through your computer speakers or on the telephone. You'll get Action Guides for each of the four calls. Of course, I'll be recording them so you can list later anytime you want to.

Now before you sign up for Zero Two be sure to check out the online special I've got for you.

Have you ever asked yourself "Is there more to life than this?" Are you stuck jumping from one desire to the next with no net gain of satisfaction or happiness even when you get what you wanted?

  • Does fear prevent you from living the life of your dreams?
  • Are you paralyzed by "What ifs"?
  • Are constantly looking to others for validation?
  • Do you feel unworthy of achievement, happiness, or wealth?
  • Do you sabotage yourself when you are close to grabbing the "golden ring" of inner peace, joy and success?

Sign up now for Zero Frequency, Part Two

Or better yet, take advantage of my Online Special. Get it today

The special includes Zero Frequency, Part One (the podcast), Zero Frequency, Part Two (the live TeleWebcast and the podcast), plus the Preview Call. Of course, you'll get all nine Action Guides. And you'll save money.

If you can't decide what to do, read more about Zero Frequency Two and the Online Special.


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