Ho'oponopono Update from Dusseldorf

Ho'oponopono Update from Dusseldorf
Published: May 16, 2009

Mabel in DusseldorfI really enjoyed my presentation today in Dusseldorf.

You know, I usually go to a deeper state (some call it being "in trance") and go much slower in the rhythm of delivering the information and even the tone of my voice, but I noticed that when I am being translated, I get even to a deeper and slower place, and feels sooo good. I cannot rush, so it allows me to pratice "patience," and how fascinating. It makes me more aware of my connection to Inspiration in these cases.

I had a lady who flew from Athens to meet me, so I think I will be presenting for the first time there in December. I'll clean and see what unfolds!

Amazing people showed up at the training in Dusseldorf and told us about the miracles they had experienced already during the cleaning. Including how they found out about my presentation in Dusseldorf and how the money manifested for them and made it possible for them to join us.

Now, I'm on my way to Frankfurt to get a temporary US passport so I can continue my tour to Romania.

Love to all of you,



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  1. Marta says:

    hace dos semanas que encontre en el internet tu pagina y me he vuelto adicta, les he hablado a mis amigas y todas estamos tomando agua de la botella azul, esto es maravilloso, pero quiero saber mas , gracias! vivo en australia cuando vienes aqui?

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