Mabel Katz sends Ho'oponopono Greetings from Romania

Mabel Katz sends Ho'oponopono Greetings from Romania
Published: May 22, 2009

Mabel Katz in RomaniaYou know, Europe reminds me more of my birth place. I love Los Angeles were I live, but now I realize that Europe has more of what I called home while growing up.

And now in Romania, with their latin way and their latin language!

I arrived in Romania yesterday and it feels I have been much longer than that. I have visited many places already and met many wonderful people. When they speak, I recognize so many words similar to Spanish that I talk to them in Spanish and we laugh so much. I told them it was like Spanish misspelled!

If you can, come and join us. I promise you this weekend will be a very profound and joyful training. Lots to clean. You can still sign up at (for Spanish) or


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