Ho'oponopono Goes to Israel with Mabel

Ho'oponopono Goes to Israel with Mabel
Published: May 23, 2009


Yes, I'm still in Romania teaching Ho'oponopono and having a wonderful time. You know how I love being in Europe.

But before I come home, I'll be in Israel for 8 days from June 20-June 28: Sight-seeing, visiting ancient historical and sacred sites, and eating falafel. Of course, we'll be doing Ho'oponopono too. So why don't you join me?

One of the most exciting things about my Israel Tour is getting to participate in The HUG and LIVEH2O Concert for the Living Waters at LOVE Frequency (528Hz). GrandMother Drum will set the tone of LOVE's resonant frequency (528Hz) and set a new global pulse of love, prosperity, unity and peace for all life.

There's lots more about the Israel tour so keep watching my blog. Next time I'll tell you about what we'll be seeing in Jerusalem.

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