Ho'oponopono in Europe Update: Mabel Leaves Romania

Ho'oponopono in Europe Update: Mabel Leaves Romania
Published: May 27, 2009

I really enjoyed the Ho'oponopono training in Bucharest this past weekend. We danced and had good laughs together.

Such nice people with big hearts and eager to learn Ho'oponopono. Asking questions to really find out how to Clean. How to erase those memories that are controlling us all the time.

The common question: how could this be so easy and simple and work so miraculously?

I reminded them, that besides the Law of Attraction, there is a the Law of Least Effort, and it really works miracles when you work with it. Ho'oponopono: it is the Law of Least Effort in action.

And when the training was over, my friends took me to the mountains. So beautiful. Now on to Sweden.



One Response to “Ho'oponopono in Europe Update: Mabel Leaves Romania”
  1. Alfredo Zapata says:

    Great to see you online breaking ground in Europe!
    Saludos desde los Angeles CA and looking forward to catch up with you some time....

    Alfredo Zapata

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