Got a Question about Ho'oponopono? Ask Mabel Katz

Got a Question about Ho'oponopono? Ask Mabel Katz
Published: May 30, 2009

Q & A Telewebcast with Mabel KatzYou've been using Ho'oponopono. You like the results you're getting, but you still have questions. Maybe questions about your relationships?

Or maybe you'd like to have more money but you don't know how to get it?

And what about the disagreements you seem to have at work. Or with your spouse? Or your kids?

If you're new to Ho'oponopono, you might be wondering where to even start? How to clean? When to clean? What to clean? You'd like to know how Ho'oponopono is different than The Secret. Is it the Law of Attraction?

I don't care what your question is, I'd love to answer it for you. It's why I've set up these monthly special Q & A TeleWebcasts. The next one is Thursday evening, June 4. It's at 5 pm Pacific/7 pm Central/8 pm Eastern. You can call in from anywhere in the world. Or you can listen later to the replay.

I ask people to clean before they ask their question. But if you're new to Ho'oponopono and don't know how to do this, I want you to be on the call and ask your question anyway.

My Special Ho'oponopono Q & A is for everybody. And that includes you!



6 Responses to “Got a Question about Ho'oponopono? Ask Mabel Katz”
  1. marylise says:

    Hi Mabel,
    You are the person I am looking for.
    I am not that good at computers, so you might be able to help me?
    My son broke his neck 3 months ago and has a neck brace. Luckily he has got all hi other movements. These 3 months have been a marathon to try to even see a dr. about his neck and condition, no support, nothing, to cut it short, the system let him down and I am angry. this I can get over. I would like to go to health and disability advocates here in NZ to complain. Now if I applied ho'opono's philo, I would dropped it and move on with my life. My main reason to want to complain is to make sure the same thing does not happen again to smbdy else by trying to make sure the system gets better. If nobody ever says anything how can things improve, how selfish is it?
    Got the same prob. with our local ebay. Got ripped off and wanted to take people to dispute tribunal and after discovering ho'opono I dropped it, but am I doing right? I am saving my nerves, but these people will continue ripping off people....
    How to apply ho'opononl in those situations? Thanks. Marylise

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Everything is memories. Please let go and let God. God is the only one that can help you, your son and everybody.

      All the solutions are inside yourself. Please let go and trust.

      Thank you for the opportunity to clean with this.

  2. jrb says:

    I use ho oponopono on everything. I began to use it on a relationship, that while was never "bad" is very back and forth... things started very good and our bond strengthened at first, while I was repeating the mantra this person sent me a very mean message asking me to leave them alone and stating theu had never cared about me the last 5 years. It was very opposite of what had been going on the last two months and came out of nowhere. Does ho oponopono get worse before better, or was it cleaning to get rid of this person from my life, or just brinfing up something more that needs to be cleaned?

    • Mabel Katz says:

      We never know, because we do not know what is right. The best thing is to observe without engaging. Accept that everything is right the way it is. And yes, sometimes you have to go through the tunnel to be able to see the light.

  3. Green says:

    It is imperative to inform people of the wrong have done so that they do not practice it on others. Jesus Christ said forgiveness is the way to do that without accusation or enmity. Ho’oponopono is one of those ways of forgiveness.
    Is it more effective to email invitations to prevent knee jerk reactions from phone calls? Is this too much information for an invitation to Ho’oponopono with a sister?
    I forgive you for repeatedly concealing from me my Dad‘s condition. I’m sorry you didn’t trust me with information I needed to know. Thank you for trying take care of him without me. I love you for showing him that someone cared about him when he must have wondered.
    For a hostile stranger (his wife), is it more effective to just say basics?
    I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you.

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