Ho'oponopono Cleaning in Israel

Ho'oponopono Cleaning in Israel
Published: June 21, 2009

grandmother-drum-in-jerusalem3-150x100I am in complete shock. My first time in Israel (at least in this lifetime).

We have been in Jerusalem for two days only, but have experienced and lived so much already, that feels like weeks. Today we were at the GrandMother Drum with wonderful people from all over the world. And that's just one amazing experience.

Here in Israel life is very intensive, and specially in Jerusalem where you have so many religions, customs and traditions coexisting in one city. So much history here, so much to clean.

I have been very present and conscious and have noticed:

-The young people are everywhere you go here, very special . . . they are very much present and full of life

-The religious Jews move their body as they pray because they pray to God with "everything they have"

-You hear the prayers of the Muslims in the Old City

-You see the amazing new buildings next to very old buildings

All I can tell you is that this experience is making me stronger about "cleaning" (letting go) with ALL I HAVE and reminding me to TRUST God as Abraham did when he was asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac.

If there is something I am sure of . . . we will not be the same when we come back from this trip

P.S. For my friends who know Hebrew, you can read a transcript of my interview here in Israel. Just click at the top of the page on "Mabel Israel Interview. "


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