Ho'oponopono is Saying Thank You

Ho'oponopono is Saying Thank You
Published: June 29, 2009

Ho'oponopono with Mabel KatzMy travels in Europe these past few weeks and my Israel tour with such wonderful companions has given me so many opportunities to say “Thank You.”

Sometimes traveling is a challenge like when I had my passport and cell phone stolen in Holland. I said “Thank You.” Saying “Thank You” when you have problems is such an important part of Ho'oponopono.

Saying "Thank you" is a way of letting go of what looks like a problem and allowing inspiration to come through with the perfect answer and solution for our "problem." Say "Thank you" without attachments or expectations. Say "Thank you" while being open and flexible.

You never know what can develop as a result of saying "Thank you." Be ready for a miracle.

Saying "Thank you" is letting go of opinions and judgments. It is realizing we don't know anything. By saying "Thank you," we allow for a part of us that knows better, has the solutions to all our problems, to "inspire" us and bring us what is perfect and right at the ideal moment.

Wake up!! Exercise your FREE will, your FREE choice. Realize the power of your thoughts. You are the creator and you create through your thoughts. Your thoughts are like magnets. Ask yourself, "What am I attracting into my life right now?" and you will find out what you are thinking.

For example, realize that your thoughts about the concept of Recession and how you've decided to relate to these very same thoughts are the reason why you're reacting in a certain way. This way of being is causing you an inner recession. This is the only recession that actually exists. There is no out there! Only the thoughts you choose to believe exist.

This is YOUR TIME, the time to seize opportunities. These opportunities exist all around you, but you do not see them if you CHOOSE to pay attention to the news. You've decided to buy bad news.

You've given power to the news. You think the media knows better. You think it's helping you by keeping you informed, by feeding your fears. Such nice people serving your community! You never thought the news business was making money from your fears and doubts, but fortunately, you can help yourself out of fear and doubt right now.

This is the perfect time to start anew. Here is an opportunity for a new beginning, a chance to do something different. This is the time to be more open, flexible, and creative.

It could be the time to create your own product, to start believing in yourself, your service, and become an entrepreneur. This is the time for small entrepreneurs to think BIG! You cannot afford to get distracted by the news. Too much to do, so little time.

Now it's your turn. Leave a comment and tell us what you're doing to start anew.



6 Responses to “Ho'oponopono is Saying Thank You”
  1. Pam Pappas says:

    Hi Mabel,

    Thank you for this important post -- and I guess we'll never know what's up with cell phones and passports in Holland. I bet they'll still be able to tell you're from Argentina, though. 🙂

    "Thank you" is helping me a lot to get through some challenging things with my business. As I look at bills and revenue that doesn't quite measure up, I say "thank you" many, many times and keep working with my QuickBooks program. Even if I can't see a change in dollars and cents yet, my inner feeling shifts from worry and woe to peace and acceptance of where I am now.

    Thank you for all you bring to us, Mabel. Safe travels to you!


  2. Gleb Esman says:

    Thank you Mabel.

    I have to admit I practiced Hooponopono eagerly for about 2-3 months and then kind of stopped and got back into my daily semi-negative habitual loop.
    And then suddenly i noticed that one of the biggest issue I was struggling for the last 10 years suddenly diminished almost up to non-existing.
    This was an amazing observation of mine and I cannot attribute such a progress to anything else. Hooponopono practice was the only change in me in last 3-4 months. I do believe that serious fundamental changes that i am observing are the result of it.

    My conclusion is that Hooponopono is not a fast food fix. It could be though - but Divinity's working on every level and some levels do require more physical time to be reflected back in material world. Sometimes you see results quick - sometimes Divinity dives into ocean only to appear a few month back with another gift to faithful practitioner. I am very practical and critical person - and I am excited to keep making progress with it.

    Recent observation of progress made me to pick up my regular practice with passion and excitement.
    Thank you for traveling and sharing your wonderful message over the world.
    Thank you to Pam at above post - I reading all of her wise message at peacefuldoc.com website.

    And special "Thank you" to the person who stole your passport and cellphone 🙂
    "I love you"

    Ottawa, Canada

  3. Helene says:

    Love You, Forgive me, Thank you.
    Are you offering any workshops in Canada in 2009?

  4. Mabel Katz says:

    Thank you Gleb! Something I forgot to share last night....I even had to go to the police in Dusseldorf (Germany)to file a report. We had to make up a story because in reality I found out in Holland I didn't have them. When we told the story to the police, his comment was : Women!!
    When I got to the US Consulate in Frankfurt, they didn't even look at the police report and they told me they didn't need it (it was in the Consulate's website as a requisite!)
    Anyway, you see the Universe orchestra working here? I had to go there to clean!!!
    Love ,

  5. Estoy soltando he de confesar q me cuesta trabajo, he realizado esta actividad los ultimos 5 años desde q mi marido fallecio y la verdad ha sido un buen trabajo, tengo q eoktrlo y se lo entrego a Dios pues yo ya no puedo desde hace 2 meses q no me piden el servicio q ralizo para 1 empresa y se me acaban los recursos, me ha llegado la ayuda en otra situacion tambien se me presento al mismo tiempo y es muy grande tambien y digo gracias, solo que esto es mas dificil para mi soltar pues son mis finanzas y no fluyen. Gracias por recordarme q solo tengo q decir gracias y llegara lo correcto y perfecto de nuevo.
    Mabel gracias pues nos recuerdas q cuando nos caemos de caballito nos tenemos q subir de nuevo y decir gracias aunq paresca q nada se acomoda ahi esta obrando adios. Gracias por estar aqui, te veo en Can Cun, no se como voy hacer pues solo alcance a comprar los boletos del avion y vamos mis hijas y yo. Faltan 2 meses mas y Dios se encargara de eso tambien. Gracias, gracias, gracias.

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