Understanding Ho'oponopono after Israel

Understanding Ho'oponopono after Israel
Published: July 7, 2009

Understanding Ho'oponopono after IsraelAfter my experience in Israel, I am even more committed to the cleaning. I know Ho'oponopono works. Israel was such a gift for me. The opportunity to see more clearly, right in front of my face, and understand even better how memories keep replaying. I understood at a deeper level the importance of taking 100 percent responsibility and letting go.

And I saw even more clearly:

  • How we keep building on top of memories.
  • How we keep doing the same things, expecting different results.
  • How we keep thinking we are right, or that we know.
  • How we cannot help it but seeing ourselves as victims.
  • How we are resistant to forgiveness

Please, my friends, stay conscious as much as you can and make better choices. Say thank you, no matter what. A lot to clean, I know, but we can do it! Choose to let go and let God this time.



3 Responses to “Understanding Ho'oponopono after Israel”
  1. MARITZA says:

    Buenas noches estimada Sra. Mabel. Es una lastima para mi no poder entender muy bien el ingles. Ya que todos sus escritos y mensajes son ese idioma. Por lo tanto no me entero muy bien de todo lo que usted escribe sobre Ho,oponopono. Yo lo pongo en practica todos los dias, ya mi pensamiento al despertar y al acostarme, son con el perdon. GRACIAS. GRACIAS. GRACIAS. UN ABRAZO DESDE VENEZUELA. MARITZA FELIZ FIN DE SEMANA

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Gracias Maritza. Hay mucha informacion en espanol en mi pagina.
      Gracias por su limpieza! Todo nos beneficiamos.


  2. Hila Lahis says:

    Hi Mabel,
    It was so great to meet you in israel last month.
    hope to see you again in december.
    have already told many friends about your coming again,
    and we're all waiting for you!


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