Another Ho'oponopono Coincidence?

Another Ho'oponopono Coincidence?
Published: July 11, 2009

Just Say ItLook what we found in Safed, the home of the Kabbala in Israel.

The guide stood up just in front of the sign. As he was talking to us, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Right there on the sign it said "Just Say It" Remember when we ask Ihaleakala "Do I have to feel it?" "Do I have to mean it?" "Who am I saying sorry to?" And he replies, "Just do it."

I showed this picture in my training in Israel, and somebody came up during one of the breaks to tell me it wasn't a coincidence that I found that sign. This Rabbi has been telling them for many years that all they have to do is clean! He gave them a phrase to repeat and told them "Just say it and you will be cleaning."

Just Say it. Don't try to understand. There is nothing you need to know or understand. Ihaleakala says God will take care of our problems if we will just let go and let him.


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