My Trip to Israel

My Trip to Israel
Published: July 12, 2009

At The HugI traveled to Israel just this past month of June. My good friend Debora accompanied me. We joined Mabel and our traveling companions in Jerusalem. What a beautiful and incredible land. So rich in history and tradition! We attended the Great Mother Drum and H2o celebration.

From there we visited sacred sites all over Israel. We shared a dip in the Dead Sea and Jordan River. What a great opportunity to clean and let go.

The energy at mealtime at our table was intense! We had so much to share, to talk about. Mabel too shared her thoughts and experiences with us! During the trip we attended two great Ho'oponopono seminars with Mabel. I had no idea so many people in Israel were so familiar and interested in the Ho'oponopono teachings! So I told myself, "Hilda share your knowledge of Ho'oponopono with some people in the audience." I ended up learning from them! How great is that? So I thanked them. I love you. Thank you. I continue to learn clean and let go.

I had wonderful companions on this beautiful spiritual trip. We enjoyed the sights, sounds, food, the land, and people of Israel.

Thank you for the opportunity.



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