Ho'oponopono Q&A: Your Questions about Money, Jobs, and the Recession

Ho'oponopono Q&A: Your Questions about Money, Jobs, and the Recession
Published: July 26, 2009

Telewebcast with Mabel KatzUsually, as you know, when we have Ho'oponopono Q & A, I answer your questions, any questions, any topic, nothing is off limits.

But lately, people keep asking me: "Mabel, how can we be at Peace in the middle of this recession." People tell me they've been laid off. They want to know how to attract another job fast. Other people want to know how they can use Ho'oponopono to avoid being laid off. Still others have lost their savings.

So Thursday night I've decided to answer your questions about losing jobs and losing savings. Fears about money. Any questions you have about the recession and money.

This is your chance to ask questions so you can be at Peace in the middle of this recession. Discover how Ho'oponopono can help you.

Sign up now for the July 30 Q & A TeleWebcast. It's at 5 pm Pacific/6 pm Mountain/7 pm Central/8 pm Eastern.

Or better yet . . . sign up for the July 30 TeleWebcast, the Q & A on August 20 and the Sept. 17 Q & A. When you register for all three, you'll come to the September Q & A free. That's right, pay for two Q & A TeleWebcasts and the 3rd one doesn't cost a penny.

The Q & A is always recorded so if you miss it live, you can always listen to the recording at your convenience.

I can't wait to talk with you Thursday night.

P.S. And I've also changed my mind about the Fabulous Summer Sale. I said a 40 percent discount for Q & A participants. But then I thought maybe you'd rather get 75 percent off. So register for the Q & A and you'll get 75 percent off mp3s with me, with Ihaleakalá, with Kamailelauli'I.



2 Responses to “Ho'oponopono Q&A: Your Questions about Money, Jobs, and the Recession”
  1. Irene says:

    Dear Mabel,
    for me it is not realizable to listen your Q and A.
    You wrote, that you talked about money and how if we don't have money right now, it's because we are not willing to do what it takes...
    I'm willing to do anything what it takes with the help of Ho'oponopono!!! So I think I haven't the right formula yet. It is not important for me to be rich. It is important for me to have a clean bank acount! No more debt, no more dept on the credit card!
    I read all your informations and do my very best. I wish to notice a little, little bit of improvement- only a little bit - but nothing works.
    Today I ordered (with my credit card!) the CD Ship - Love and Understanding Institute.
    Do you have other advises for me and for my cleaning work?

    Peace and blessing
    Irene, Germany

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take 100% responsibility for whatever is in me that you are experiencing that you don't have the right "formula."
      Ho'oponopono is so easy, that people are always triyng to "understand" to "know" or to "figure out" something. People usually feel they are misssing something. Be willing to just say I love you, just say Thank you. That's it. Please don't look for complicated things because it is that easy.
      Please know that money is your friend. Treat money well. Treat ,money as your best friend. Tell your money that if you ever offended it, you are sorry. Say I love to the money every time you pay for something and you feel nervous that you don't have enough. Say I love you to money when you receive money from others (even to small change)
      Say thank you to your credit cards. When the monthly statement comes in the mail.
      If you cannot avoid feeling worry or scared, say thank you to your worries, to your fear. What we resist persit, so when you say thank you or I love you you are letting go and allowing a part of you that knows better to take charge. this part of you knows where the money is coming to pay your bills. Knows already your needs even before you ask.
      The Ho'oponopono Secret is:
      1) Just say it . Trust 100% that something happens even if you cannot feel it or see it. It is the law of the Universe. When you ask, the door ALWAYS open (for EVERYBODY)
      2) No expectations. This means you are going to be open and flexible because you realize you don't know anything and you don't know where is going to come from. yes, i understand you still are going to have expectations , but you say thank you to your expectations too and you let go, because now you know better, and expectations are our memories, programs the part of us that knows what is right and perfect.

      By the way, the product you have ordered of the Conference we gave with Ihaleakalá at the Love and Understanding Institute, discusses about money and Ihaleakalá gives a special tool to work on this subject., so good choice!!

      To be continued: More about why I say you are not willing to do what it takes....

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