What happens at the Ho'oponopono Q&A?

What happens at the Ho'oponopono Q&A?
Published: July 30, 2009

Q&A-Telewebcast-01I'll be sharing with you, and most importantly, making you aware about the thoughts that could be in your way of finding that perfect job, or keeping the one you have. Maybe you're too close and you don't see the opportunities right in front of you. Maybe the opportunity to start your own business.

Maybe you still can't see the blessing in your situation of losing your job. Or the blessings of losing your savings. Maybe the fear is not allowing you to see clearly.

We all need to be reminded. We all tend to go back to our old habits and get the same old bad results.

You have the chance to ask questions. And we can all clean whatever is in us that's blocking the flow.

Q & A gives you the opportunity to:

  • ask questions.
  • discover new tools
  • clean with each other (No accidents about who's on the call.)
  • open new doors that wouldn't have opened otherwise.
  • close doors that we don't have to go through again.
  • benefit from built-in 24/7 cleaning between classes.
  • network since we never know where this opportunity will come from.
  • go deeply into the cleaning

In these classes, I've taken the essence of Ho'oponopono and added my own personal style of teaching with stories and personal experiences. I've got some new and specific cleaning tools, a lot of compassion and a class that inspires all to begin taking 100% responsibility and be free.

As always, in our classes, we have lots of special cleaning assistance from "others", as we clean on the list of names that come together each time on the calls.

Discover how Ho'oponopono can help you. Sign up now for the July 30 Q & A TeleWebcast. It's at 5 pm Pacific/6 pm Mountain/7 pm Central/8 pm Eastern.

Or better yet, discover how Mabel can help you financially: Sign up for the July 30 TeleWebcast, the Q & A on August 20 and the Sept. 17 Q & A. When you register for all three, you'll come to the September Q & A free. That's right, pay for two Q & A TeleWebcasts and the 3rd one doesn't cost a penny.

The Q & A is always recorded so if you miss it live, you can always listen to the recording at your convenience.

When you leave this class, you KNOW, as I always tell you: This works!

I can't wait to talk with you Thursday night.


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