Ho'oponopono and money: Are you willing to do what It takes?

Ho'oponopono and money: Are you willing to do what It takes?
Published: August 9, 2009

Even though you answer “YES,” if you don’t have money, it’s because you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes.

I’ve been paying attention and observing the attitudes of people around me who complain about money. I am sorry for whatever is in me that they don’t have money.

As Ho’oponopono teaches me, I take 100% responsibility for that, but I would like to share what I've noticed.

Sometimes people can’t see the big picture and aren’t willing to do things that they don’t enjoy or work longer hours and on weekends. If you interview people who’ve “made it” or have money, I can assure they will tell you that they made sacrifices to get there.

When you can see the big picture, you won’t call what you’re doing “sacrificing” because you won’t be judging what you’re doing now. You’re clear where you are going. If you do what you love you won’t call it work or sacrificing.

Sometimes you need to do certain things that aren’t pleasant to get the results you’re looking for. You might need to feel uncomfortable many times to get amazing results.

I’ve noticed that many people have opinions and judgments. They’re the first ones to criticize others. They know exactly what other people should be doing and how. These people aren’t willing to look at themselves. They aren’t willing to be more humble.

In order to do what you love, you might have to do things you don’t love as much, but as you look at the big picture, you’ll love them because they’re taking you where you want to go.

The beautiful thing about Ho’oponopono is that you don’t need to see the whole picture, because that part of you that knows better knows what the big picture is. It’s just waiting for you to give permission to bring you the right opportunities.

Be willing to do Ho’oponopono cleaning with the opportunities that present themselves in your lives. Be willing to be open. Please let go of your opinions and judgments, and you’ll see how doors start opening where you least expect it.

You'll find more about Ho'oponopono on the Q & As of July, August and September, focused on money, relationships and finding your passion.



13 Responses to “Ho'oponopono and money: Are you willing to do what It takes?”
  1. Rachael Hokai says:

    Kiaora I'm from New Zealand. Im 48 and I have just come upon Ho'oponopono. I feel like this is something that I have been looking for for a long time. I am practicing the four phrases as much as I can everyday. I do not know if there is anyone registered or certified in New Zealand regarding Ho'oponopono but I know there are alot of people of my race, Maori, and my family that need this help.

    I do not have a degree or what maybe termed management skills but I have bought up my three children myself and I am presently a security guard. However my passion is in healing people and looking for ways to make things right.

    My questions are:

    1. What would be required for me to become a certified ho'oponopono person and could you please indicate the approx price of things.

    2. Do you have a list of any people especially in the city of Auckland, New Zealand who may be doing ho'oponopono.

    3.If no one is taking Ho'oponopono in New Zealand, would it be possible for me to get support from you please?

    Ta'kiu ka kite Rachael Hokai

  2. Mabel Katz says:

    Aloha Rachael:

    As you may have learned by now, Self-Identity-through Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice updated by Kahuna Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, which teaches how to know yourself through applying Ho’oponopono. The objective of the Ho’oponopono process is to achieve balance within oneself and one’s experience with all of existence through cleansing. Anybody at any age in the world can practice this ancient art of problem solving. The definition of Ho’oponopono is “cause to make right or how to correct an error.”
    It is important to know that the subconscious mind holds all the collected memories of all creations; therefore, all what you experience outside of yourself with people, things or places LIVE IN YOU as memories replaying. What this means is that in order to heal other people you must heal yourself first, and the beautiful thing about Ho’oponopono is that whatever comes off of you by the cleaning process, it comes off of anyone and anything in the universe. This is how you can make things right.

    You do not need to repeat all of them; each tool is a cleaning process in which the three elements, repentance, forgiveness and transmutation are already incorporated: “I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is in me that I’ am experiencing this.” Example: just repeat “I love you," or “thank you," or any other tool you get and that will do it.

    Responding to your questions:

    Thank you for your intention to teach Ho’oponopono, but there are requirements that you must follow. Many people think is easy but it is not. We work with very toxic energies and if you give the information coming from your programs instead of Inspiration, it will come back to you and hit you and your family. Please contact Mary Koehler at the following email: [email protected]

    Last night we had dinner with our publisher here in Korea and Ihaleakala told him: "If you are not meant to teach Ho'oponopono and you do, it wil be hell to pay."

    At the moment we do not have anyone teaching Ho’oponopono in New Zealand.

    If you want to host Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, please contact Mary via email at [email protected]
    If you want to host Mabel Katz, please send us an email and I'll be glad to work with you on that. Also, we can give you all the support that you need. Just write to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

    Peace Begins with me
    Thank you.

  3. Rachael Hokai says:


    Thank you for your reply. I understand all you have told me and I will be getting in touch with Mary. I look forward to the day that we in New Zealand will be using Ho'oponopono because we need it.

    Ka kite Rachael

  4. Sungche Jung says:

    Hi, Mabel!

    You were so great in Seoul, calm and warmly kind! So thank you.

    Actually I didn't know you until I saw you there and here goes a picture with you smiling. You were so appreciating and knew to keep calm and do your job in the meeting room in the interview of Hew Len and Korean publishers. I think the publisher was a little too much for the Zero state, kind of forgot about oriental warmness awhile, but as an earnest observer I and my wife found you and Hew Len were being so patient and inwardly sincere.. you didn't say nothing, and just kept watching, and it somehow moved all of us there. I know the publisher very well and he said he saw something in the interview. I read your book after a while, and it was so simple and clear. So thank you again and hope to see you very soon!

  5. Mabel Katz says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. I was definitely cleaning! There must have been a reason why I didn't get the opportunity of sharing. I don't remember now if I gave them my book at the very end of the meeting, but I think they could find some of the answers they were looking for or at least more information there.

    Thank you again for the opportunity.


  6. Merlyn says:

    Hola, un saludo muy cordial, estoy interesada en el programa, sabe si hay alguien calificado por Ustedes en Venezuela.

  7. Selina Cumba says:

    Hie I live in Zimbabwe and came into contact with Hoponopono through the book zero limits. I learnt about Mabel through further research. I need to clean on money and a successful events business. I find myself with feelings of fear, frustration, struggle, not deserving and lack.
    Also I need to clean on my intimate relationships, I always meet men who struggle with alcohol addiction and financial dependence. Please help me to clean, show me how I can do it.

  8. Marie says:

    I have been cleaning all day with your statement that people who do not have money won't do whatever it takes! How ridiculous! So easily said when you have been placed in a position of extreme privilege. Really?..hell to pay if you teach this technique outside of the circle of the chosen few? Do the dirt poor people of India refuse to do whatever it takes? What did they do to deserve to be on the other end of the pole from the rich? Collect too many memories for their plight?

    • Mabel Katz says:

      We are not our bodies. We are souls that chose different experiences. There are a lot of people in India that were born poor and are not anymore.
      Position of extreme privilege? I always worked very hard as an accountant in Argentina and then as an US immigrant. Position of extreme privilege? Letting go the safety and security of a profession, to share with other what have helped me? Position of extreme privilege? Starting from zero in a total new profession without the titles?

      • Mabel Katz says:

        Please let go and let God. Be open, maybe it comes from a different place/opportunity.
        Be grateful for what you have and that you have each other.
        Stay present. Do not worry.

  9. Dee says:

    Dear Mabel,

    I will start by saying thank you thank you thank you!

    My husband and I are both having problems getting a job. It’s been 2 years and this seems to be a repeating pattern. I’m so stressed out and I just want to ask if I’m doing this right please.

    I am trying to let go and when I worry I distract myself. I repeat in my head thank you and I love you all day. I fill a cup 3 quarters full in the morning and evening.

    We are both very hard working and kind people. I know that it must be something in me so I’m trying to work on myself. No results yet but I keep telling myself to let go and trust.

    Please, am I doing the right thing? Thank you so much xxx

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