Thank God I Vol. 2 is here

Thank God I Vol. 2 is here
Published: August 10, 2009

Thank God I - Volume IIThe presentation of “Thank God I,” Vol. 2 and book signing was held recently in Los Angeles at the Bodhi Tree bookstore on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles.

Listening to the other contributing authors as they presented their stories was such a gift. “Thank God I had cancer.” “Thank God I died.” Can you imagine saying thank you for such things?

All of us have very special stories, don’t we ? We just don’t realize sometimes how lucky we are and all the things we can be grateful for.

Sometimes we need to find those moments just to stop and smell the roses. We need to stop and ask ourselves: “what can I be grateful for”? I bet you have a long list? I do. Thank God I can walk. Thank God I can breath. Thank God I am free. Thank God I am alive!

You’ll start seeing more things to be thankful for when you get out of your own way and allow God to bring you what he has in store for you.

My story is in both “Thank God I,” Vol 1 and Vol 2 . I wrote “Thank God I Left My Kids” not to promote divorce nor abandoning your children but to show you that things are never what you think they are. If we don’t know what’s right for ourselves, how can we know what’s right for others, even our kids?

Would you like your kids to say “I love you Mom” or “I am so proud of you Mom” or “You are on my best friend’s list Mom”? That’s what my boys (now 22 and 26 years old) tell me all the time.

Read my chapter here. And save money by picking up a copy of of both books. Discover how to move from disaster to blessings.


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