Choose Ho'oponopono or...

Choose Ho'oponopono or...
Published: August 21, 2009

Choose Ho'oponopono or . . .

My first metaphysical book before I learned about Ho'oponopono was from a very famous Venezuelan author. She used to say something like this: “Many will come, you will recognize them from their fruits.” She also said: “No matter who is teaching or talking, you have to look behind the person.”

It’s very important to remember: it’s about the message, not the messenger.

So…if you pay attention and you follow your heart, you will notice that some people take a single class and think they know the material. Then they start teaching.

Others see the financial opportunity involved. They don’t have a clue but just jump on the wagon because it’s a great opportunity to make money. Often they are very creative indeed.

Many are still in their own search. They just share as they find something interesting or trendy.

No matter who is presenting the information to you, always take what feels right in your heart and discard what doesn’t.

And it’s very important to ride one horse if you want to see results faster. Your subconscious mind or inner child (your Unihipili) can do the cleaning for you, just as it does your breathing.

However, your inner child won’t do it, if you’re jumping from one kind of training to another, or if you practice many different modalities. Why? Because it gets confused. So when a problem shows up, it doesn’t know what to do. It asks “Which technique or training are we going to use on this problem? So… it won't do the Ho’oponopono cleaning for you. It is your loss.

It’s ok to keep searching, but once you find what you are looking for, when you find something that works for you, please just do that.



3 Responses to “Choose Ho'oponopono or...”
  1. Sharon says:

    Oh, Mabel, I have to share with you the inspiration that your post is creating!

    Some years ago, Pat Hill, who is so instrumental with the process and with the trainings in D.C., brought through some divine words for me that seemed to come directly from the Divinity.

    "Sharon, which horse are you going to ride?"

    And today, to read your post and see how Divinity is speaking to me through the years, as if to say, "My statement to you still stands, but look how far you have come since then!"

    As Ihaleakala says, I am either in Inspiration or in the throes of being run by memories. So, I am either on the horse that is the vehicle that initiates my cleaning, my erasing, my being responsible for petitioning Inspiration and Freedom, or I am not.

    There are no two ways about it.

    And there never were.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    Sharon (Douglas)

  2. Phil Walsh says:

    And this is the horse I found two years ago and I've been riding it and only it ever since.

  3. Pernell says:

    Mabel, your words ring so true! Just this morning I was listening to one of your recordings and for the first time I heard...I mean really heard...inside of me the truth behind riding one horse. I discovered Ho'oponopono three years ago and didn't see results fast least I didn't think fast enough; so I kept searching. But, strangely I would occasionally start singing "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you". I would think to myself where did that come from when I wasn't consciously thinking about cleaning? Just a few days ago...I found a link and voila...back to cleaning again with a renewed vigor. I know it's important to ride one horse. Thank you for all you do in bringing this message to the world.

    Love and Peace,


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