Ho'oponopono is being present

Ho'oponopono is being present
Published: August 25, 2009

Today, I went for a massage and you know what I realized? We are never present. I had to actually bring myself back to the present many times during the massage. Every time I became conscious, I cleaned and forced myself to be present and enjoy the moment.

Every time I was aware and cleaned, I was bringing myself from the past or from the future back to the present moment. I actually wanted to be present and couldn't seem to help being pulled again and again to the past or to the future by my thoughts. It was amazing to witness that.

Do you realize what we do to ourselves? We are missing the moment of pleasure. The "present."

Right here, right now, we have many opportunities in front of us, many doors ready to open. But instead we allow our thoughts of the economic crisis, the recession, and unemployment to cause us to worry about the future.

Or, we let our thoughts take us to things in the past that we can't do anything about. We're just puppets controlled by our thoughts, our memories, voices of the past that are always talking. This makes it hard to enjoy the ride and see the good things around us.

Our friend Cyrus Ontiki, the laughing yoga teacher, reminds us that HA is the perfect breath and that you can’t breathe for the past nor for the future. So if you're breathing, you're present, and if you're present, you're pleasant.

You still can learn from Cyrus' wonderful words of wisdom and lots of laughter. I promise he'll make you laugh and you will learn to laugh at your problems. You'll hear how Cyrus laughed with the customer service lady at his cell phone company and ended up getting three months free service.

When did you ever hear that a cell phone company would give you three months free service? Laughter, same as any of the Ho'oponopono cleaning tools, puts you back in the flow and in the present. Unbelievable things can happen to you right away because you're giving permission to the Universe to surprise you!

You can laugh with Cyrus Ontiki listening to the podcast, "If You are Thinking, You are not Present." You can download the audio replay to your computer or MP3 player.


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