Seeing Ho'oponopono in Japan and Korea

Seeing Ho'oponopono in Japan and Korea
Published: September 20, 2009

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Mabel Katz at Sun Clinic Presentation in JapanOn my trip to Japan and Korea with Ihaleakala, I realized that the Japanese and Korean people know something we don’t know.

Once, a Japanese person in Los Angeles asked me why I would hide from businesses, that what I teach is spiritual. My response was: "They wouldn't hire me otherwise."

To which this person answered, "Well, in Japan, we wouldn't hire you if we knew your teachings didn't have a spiritual component. In Japan, we know spirituality is the foundation of everything."

Then I remembered that a couple of years ago in Korea I was waiting for a department store to open. I was about to go to the airport and I wanted to buy something before leaving. While I was waiting for the doors to open, I was shocked at what I saw.

Every employee was standing next to their work station while watching motivational videos. People were talking through the loud speakers in the store while the employees screamed, smiled, jumped and did light exercises.

What a different way of starting the workday than here in the U.S. I'm sure it does make a difference in sales and attracting what is right and perfect for each person.

Yes, we still have a lot of learning and practicing to do. Sometimes our foundations are actually upside down. We work for the money, always putting money first. Then, we don’t understand why things are so hard and don't work.

September 11th and this economic crisis are good examples of upside down foundations.

When you practice Ho'oponopono, you put Love first and money always comes. Choose to do it God's way this time, and your life will change. Look at the world right now and realize what’s happening is because you think you know.

Put Love first! Without a good spiritual base, success is not possible. The Asian' s know this well.

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