Ho'oponopono- Now you know better

Ho'oponopono- Now you know better
Published: September 22, 2009

I am on the plane right now on my way to Miami. I missed my plane today, so I will not get to Ecuador tonight as it was planned. I will have to stay overnight in Miami.

Was it right or not to miss my plane today? Well, as I am sitting here I realize if I took the other plane, I would not have had the chance to clean with the man next to me carrying a dog. Yes, did you know you can travel with a dog (in a bag) if the dog is little? Well, I didn't know. The reason I am writing is not to complain because the dog is behaving very nicely, not even a small noise, but to share my experience going to the airport today.

As I was driving the 405 Freeway heading to the airport, suddenly I noticed there was some fog and I started driving inside of a cloud. It was getting darker and darker and suddenly I was aware that I was surrounded and completely inside a cloud...

At one point, it got really dark and these thoughts came to my mind, It is dark, but I am not scared. I know:

  • It is going to be okay.
  • It is going to pass.
  • The sun is shining above.
  • It is a known event.
  • No big deal.
  • It is temporary.
  • I have to go through it. No other way.
  • It is nothing to worry about.

Wow, think about it. The fog is like what problems are!! I know I have been telling you this, but I had a vivid experience today stuck in traffic on the 405 Fwy!!! It suddenly became even clearer to me.

We just get scared because we do not know better. Problems are an X (an unknown), so asking why, how come, or trying to understand, will not do it.

We just get scared because we are not sure God (unknown) is really there for us (the sun is shining above).

This shows you that you never know when God will have an experience prepared just for you and that you can be at Peace even though you are stuck in traffic and you know you are about to miss your plane.

God, Love, the Universe are always there, we just don't know who we are so we are unaware of our connection to Source and all the help and support available to us when we go through the fog.

Surrender, everything is going to be okay. Enjoy the ride. You do not need to worry anymore. Now you know better.



4 Responses to “Ho'oponopono- Now you know better”
  1. Vero says:

    HA'I Mabel! He aprendido muchas cosas con tus libros. De hecho, La Manera Más Fácil llegó a mis manos en el momento correcto y perfecto... sólo para no arruinar mi vida "para siempre". Fue como un "antídoto" de la adversidad. Entonces entendí que las memorias son los únicos enemigos y qu epara estar en cero, sólo debo limpiar hasta llegar a ver a todo y a todos así como Dios los vé. Con los ojos del AMOR. No son sólo palabras... el Universo se esconde detrás de Ho'Oponopono!
    Gracias por estar aquí, en este hermoso planeta, en el momento correcto.
    Azul Hielo!

  2. Meg says:

    Aloha Mabel!

    Thank You so much for all the wonderful opportunities and resources that you have made available to us... the websites, the audios and stuff, the sharings of your journeys and experiences. Making constant us of them is so helpful in retraining my inner child and in making me aware enough to choose the cleaning.

    Yes, the real Peace comes when I feel the presence of God everywhere... right here with Me...always.

    Here's a link to a really cool video....the only part I might change is the last line.....I CAN "match their Love for me"...if I am aware of my True Self! (o;


    I Love You, Mabel....Gracias...Gracias...Gracas!!!!!


  3. Neetu says:

    Thank you!


    Thanks for sharing your experience.It is true problems are going to be there no matter what,but they will also pass away no matter what. I feel like taking a print out of the following points that you mentioned:
    * It is going to be ok
    * It is going to pass
    * The sun is shining above
    * It is a known event
    * No big deal
    * It is temporary
    * I have to go through it. No other way.
    * It is nothing to worry about

    My favorite is " I have to go through it. No other way.".

    Thank you. I Love you.


  4. shakti972 says:

    je suis fan de tout ce qui concerne hoponopono et je souhaite MABEL que tu puisses proposer des outils ,séminaires DVD, etc pour les pays francophones car c'est un sujet passionnant qui transforme notre vie et cela mérite d'etre devellopper en français aussi......j'espere beaucoup merci d'avance MABEL

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