Could Ho'oponopono make diets and dieting easier?

Could Ho'oponopono make diets and dieting easier?
Published: October 21, 2009

Do you feel bad and worry when you hear the word "diet?" Do you focus on the pain of not eating everything you'd like?

But what could be more painful than feeling overweight, helpless, and uncomfortable?

What we tell ourselves often drives away happiness and well-being. Talk about being our own worst enemy! Our bad feelings about ourselves affect our reality.

The subconscious mind does whatever to prove it is right. And keeps attracting situations to show us we are not good enough or don't deserve things. Can you imagine what we attract and manifest under these conditions?

In Ho'oponopono, we call these "replay memories." Replay memories are immensely powerful. We think we're free, but these thoughts and programs constantly control us. They're always playing in the background.

We need to WAKE UP and make better choices. Awareness is curative. It's the first and most important step towards our goals. We have a choice!

Yes, it takes effort to stay on a diet.

I would like to share with you what happened to me on my last trip to Japan. This was very important for me.

We were in Okinawa, and I asked for room service. I ordered chicken and I noticed it came with rice, so I told them to replace the rice with vegetables. They said okay, but when they brought my food, I noticed that they had replaced it with French fries! I love French fries. I would say they are one of my weaknesses. In the past, I could have never said NO to French fries. No way. I used to eat everybody's left over French fries! Well, let me tell you, I put one in my mouth. I actually got the opportunity to taste it, but I took it out of my mouth and ran with the plate to the bathroom, where I threw the fries away. Yes, I threw them away!! I couldn't believe it myself.

The only reason I was able to do that is because I got to the point where I said, "Enough is enough." I made a commitment to myself that I would do whatever it takes to take good care of myself. I promised to stop hurting myself. Only the love for ourselves gives us the strength to persevere. Now, let me tell you, I couldn't have done it without the help of my inner child. You see, as I was taking the French fry out of my mouth, I kept reassuring my inner child, "We can do it. It's going to be okay. We are going to be fine."

So how does this work? Essentially, we must become aware and "let go" of these memories. This is impossible if we try to do it in our minds because we are only aware of a small percentage of the thoughts that constantly play in our heads.

The best way to "let go" is to take 100% responsibility for the reality we create for ourselves. I use Ho'oponopono tools to constantly "clean" these memories and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.

One very good tool is to say, "Thank you" and "I love you" to these memories, and thus release them. Remember what we resist persists.

The process is much easier when we work with our subconscious mind (our inner child). This part of us is our subconscious mind and is the part of us that holds these memories. It's the inner child, or Unihipili as they call it in Hawaiian, that manifests our reality.

So, it's crucial to develop a strong loving relationship of trust with our inner child in order to change our reality. Our inner child can make this journey much easier. Remember, this is the part of you that suffers, not you. It is also the part of you that thinks it needs the food. It holds very old memories of starvation, of not enough to eat, or wonders when will be the next time we will have something to eat.

Once we start "letting go" of these replaying memories and start seeing the results, we make better choices. It's like a chain reaction. When we do it, we feel so good and proud of ourselves that we move forward with other things on the back burner.

We keep feeling better and better. Suddenly we're UNSTOPPABLE.

So, how badly do you want to take control of your weight? Are you willing to do what it takes? It does take hard work to get where we want, but we can choose to practice Ho'oponopono (letting go) and actually enjoy the trip! It's the Easiest Way and we can do it.



7 Responses to “Could Ho'oponopono make diets and dieting easier?”
  1. Regina Smola says:

    Mabel, your post rings so true with me. Wow! You showed your strength and the power and trust of Ho'oponopono by removing the french fry from your mouth.

    I will have to work on that to get there. It is hard for me, as I get older, to not eat 'everything' I use too. I will have to clean on those memories.

    Thank you for reminding me, Mabel.

  2. Sharon says:


    This is a brilliant post. And coupled with your e-newsletter about how much "victim mentality" you are seeing these days, it really became a Light Switch moment for me. Could it be that my problems in this area have to do with victim mentality begging to be released? In fact, I heard the Divinity tell me in meditation weeks ago that I am "addicted to woe." WOW. What an eye-opener. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And -- your gratitude about being away from California, yet home at the same time -- because you are always home when you are joined up inside yourself, mother and child and Divinity. Gratitude. Feeling blessed. The opposite of victim mentality.

    Remember the phrase "relentless cleaning" that Haleakala has used so often? Well, in your case, RELENTLESS GRATITUDE is a cleaning tool, isn't it?

    You have shone the light on me today from various angles!!!!




  3. Sharon says:

    Please forgive for not proofreading my post and not spelling Ihaleakala's name completely...

    Also, to clarify, I was linking the "victim mentality" to the seemingly helpless inability to clean and release problems with eating/weight.

    Thank you. I love you, Mabel.


  4. Silvia says:

    Hola Mabel, hace tiempo que sigo tus enseñanzas. Estoy continuamente usando las 4 palabras, sobre todo con mis hijos.
    Se que sanando yo mis memorias y recuerdos los voy a sanar a ellos.
    Muchas gracias

  5. Pam Ballin says:

    What a wonderful article Mabel. Its going to take a few readings to process it all. Thank you. Pam

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