Ho'oponopono in Romania

Ho'oponopono in Romania
Published: November 4, 2009

Romania, I can't believe it! I am on my way to this mystical country again… to inspire the Romanians with Ho'oponopono. I was there earlier this year and received such a warm reception from the Romanians. They are very passionate people and loved what I had to share. On my last visit in May and during the final class, they made me commit to return in November.

On November 7, I will present Ho'oponopono, and on the second day, The Easiest Way to Attract Success and Wealth, then Tuesday, November, 10th, I will close with Ho'oponopono in Business.

These seminars are directed at training on how to obtain purpose and clarity to help succeed in business. I would say this is about reclaiming yourself and discovering who you really are, your inherent talent and passion, because this is where you will prosper. I could never have imagined a few years ago I would be invited to Romania to share my Ho'oponopono & Business Success Seminars.

In these three days I will be teaching that Ho'oponopono is the delete key on the keyboard of our minds. We can use it to delete those programs stored in our computer bank (subconscious) that appear on the monitor of our minds, as people, problems or situations. When using Ho'oponpono and learning how to take yourself to zero state, we let go of thinking we know, we become flexible and then resolve dilemmas with ideal solutions through inspiration in an easy way. So, come join me in Bucharest, Romania and find out who you really are and reconnect with the power and wisdom inside of you, so you can create or attract the business opportunities of your dreams. Come discover how to find SUCCESS, at the right place, at the right time and with the right people.

I will be sure to let everyone know how well the Romanians accept Ho'oponopono in future blogs. So, stay tuned for the result of this trip. I truly don‘t know what to expect, but I know that God and inspiration is directing my path, and my path is on its way to Romania.



2 Responses to “Ho'oponopono in Romania”
  1. Ada says:

    Hello Mabel,

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

    so much for this opportunity to actually participate to a Hooponopono course !!!!!!!!!

    Perfect timing, perfect location. Whatever was said, was in harmony with whatever each of us present at the course needed to hear at that particular time.
    I am immensely grateful to you for presenting me how to be responsible 100 % !!
    You are right, it is better not to think about hooponopono, but just go with the flow. I like your book The Easiest Way and I find it very helpful.
    I hope you will not take long to come back.....
    When one lets go and follows the flow, finds that things happen in a pleasant way, without the actual action from their part. That is because The Universe, God, Love, Essence works for that result.

    Peace be with you,


  2. Bogdan says:

    Hello guys,

    I just want to share with you my ho'oponopono experience. I admit I am a believer now, but at the beginning I had doubts. Many. Why? Well, for me it was too easy.

    My idea about spiritual evolution was a bit different. Like: you should work hard for that to happened. That you should push yourself to the limit. That you should be disciplined. Very disciplined. So on... And, well, in my mind all the above were in contradiction with just the simple repetition of 4 magic formulas and drinking solar blue water.

    Nevertheless, I did it. I mean: what harm can be done? I believed such thing might help, but not entirely, it was like one medicine for a big treatment, and I did not discover yet the rest of the prescription. So I cleaned. And I believe I clean enough for me to have a revelation one day.

    To put it in the context first, I have to go back in time a few years, when I started my spiritual journey with the books or, better said, the lectures of a Bulgarian-French philosopher, his name is Omraam Michail Aivanhov. He is like a Tony Robbins, just he explains the things on a different level. He is preaching, like Tony, the massive action and discipline and hard work. So Omraam was for me the source of wisdom and I trust his word 100%.

    (Remember, in my mind the hard work etc was contradictory with just repeat thank you, thank you, thank you... )

    At home or at work I read always, daily, some of the thoughts of Omraam. It is helping me a lot to get back on track and it is one of the ways I use to motivate myself. I just open one of his books and read a few pages. So, few weeks after my ho'oponopono class, I took one of Omraam's books, open at whatever page and start reading the following (I paraphrase): 'I gave you (in my lectures) tons of methods for spiritual evolution. I gave you so many methods - that in a lifetime you cannot even try all of them. But, if you want to stick to only one method to spiritual evolution than use this one: just say Thank You! say thank you to the divine, thank him all the time and this would be enough'...

    It hit me! Wow… He also knows? How this could be? He is a Bulgarian, he has nothing to do with Hawaii… (well we know now that it is not out there, but this is another subject…). It is the easy way, but is not really easy…In a second this words washed away my limiting belief about ho'oponopono. I realized that this what it was: a limiting belief!

    And then it came to me: one actually needs discipline to keep saying thank you. It means work to do it all the time. You need to push your limits when saying 'I love you' to the boss that it's eating your guts every day (well we know now that it is not out there, but this is another subject…) It is the easy way, but is not really easy…

    So I keep telling thank you. And I am a 100% believer now. This was my personal revelation. I waned to share it with you. I hope it will help you. Thank you!

    PS You can find the books of Omraam in English, French, Espanol, Romanian, etc. If you like to read some of his lectures, my advice is to start with 'The Powers of Thought' and 'Man Master of His Destiny'

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