Erasing our memories

Erasing our memories
Published: November 9, 2009

hooponopono-memoriesLetting go is often mentioned as necessary for spiritual growth, but this can be a scary process. Many people are afraid of letting go.

Relax!! First of all, you have A LOT of memories to clean and erase. Second, erasing the memories that are not working, will open more doors and bring better opportunities; new people, more support and more people to clean with!

Thank God you are not the one in charge of deciding what memories get erased. Your only job is to give permission. Once you decide you are going to take 100% responsibility, the part of you that knows better, the part that created you and that knows you better than anybody else -some of us call it God- will know what memories you are ready to let go.

"Why can't we let go of all the memories at once?" Well, it's not that simple. It's important to realize that our bodies are memories too, and if God removed all our memories, our bodies would be unable to withstand it. My teacher, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len says that if this were to happen, our bodies would look like prunes.

So can you see how wonderful this is? You don't even need to know what you are letting go of. The part of us that is perfect knows exactly what we are ready to let go of and will erase those memories.

Yes. It is all about "memories." When something comes up in your life, it is just a memory replaying. You might think the circumstance means you are spiritually processing and clearing something related to a certain person, or the government, or the house, or money, but the reality is you never know what you are cleaning with. Only God knows.

"Do I have to mean it? Do I have to feel it?" Let me ask you something. When you push the delete key on the keyboard of your computer, do you mean it? When you do it, do you have to "feel" like deleting? Or better yet, do you smile and do you feel compassionate when you do it? No, you don't have to mean it or feel it, and you don't even need to understand it. Have you ever tried to understand how a program downloads to your computer?

In Ho'oponopono, we always tell you, "please, Just do it, Just say it." Take 100% of the responsibility for the memories and programs that attract things into your life and then let go!

We must be willing to trust and know in our hearts that every time we do our part (give permission, let go). God will do His part, guaranteed.



4 Responses to “Erasing our memories”
  1. Susan Opperman says:

    This is good stuff.

  2. Marcela Villanueva says:

    Hola, me encanta leer lo que escribe pero no soy tan buena con el inglés. ¿No podría también ponernos los mismos artículos en español? Muchísimas gracias.

  3. Seema says:

    Thank you for this video.

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