Ho'oponopono: Addictions and memories

Ho'oponopono: Addictions and memories
Published: November 29, 2009

Ho’oponopono: Addictions and Memories

Addictions are memories, so no matter what our memories are about, we can erase them and let them go.

You may be thinking, "But I don’t have an addictive personality," or "I don't have any addictions!" I would like to invite you to reconsider these assumptions.

Did you know that thinking is an addiction? We are addicted to thinking. We truly fear that we cannot function properly unless we "think things out", when in reality, things can flow and work much better if we simply let go and trust the Universe. Food is another acceptable addiction. It is something we have decided we need or can’t live without! Many times we use food to medicate ourselves, like a pain killer. By eating, we often attempt to avoid feeling certain feelings or facing things in our lives. And, let’s not forget shopping! How many times have you gone shopping because buying something nice would make you feel better? Think about it, do you have any of these addictions?

Addictions might take a little bit longer to let go of than other things. If you see the thought form - yes, thoughts are things and have forms - you will realize addictions have hooks. This makes them a bit harder to erase, but it can be done. It is important to be patient and at peace no matter what.

Please don’t think your addictions are "bad". Remember, what you resist persists. Try to love and accept your addiction. Show it the other cheek, the cheek of love. Say, "I love you" to the cigarette, to alcohol, to relationships, to your intellect that thinks it knows… Love can heal anything. The only way to let difficult things go is to love them.

Be patient. If you do your part, God will do His, but only at His own pace, at the perfect time, not necessarily at the time that you think it should be done. All throughout the process, it is important to steer away from expectations.

It really helps to work with our Unihipili (inner child) on this, because this is our emotional part. He/She is the one that suffers. You can comfort this part of yourself. Talk to your inner child. Tell he/she that it is going to be okay, that you are there with him/her, and remind your inner child that together, you can do it. Assure this part of you that you are not going to abandon it this time and that you are sorry for the times you neglected it.

Remember that you are unlearning, doing a lot of reprogramming, and in order to be successful, you have to be good to yourself. Love and acceptance of yourself are crucial elements of the process. Only with love can we heal.

Once you master this process, you will be able to observe reality from a completely different point of view. You will be more detached, so you will appreciate your addiction as you start appreciating life and the universe of animate and inanimate things around you.

As you realize the addiction is just your memories and you take 100% responsibility, you will finally be able to change it. You will discover that you are not a victim, because since you created and attracted the addiction, you can also let it go.

The goal is to be happy and at peace with or without the addiction. We must reach a point where we are joyous for no specific reason. Once you know this feeling, you will be able to wake yourself up every time you fall back into the sleep of victimhood. You will look inside yourself for that peace and happiness you are longing for. You will realize you do not need the addiction or anything outside yourself to be happy. Once you take 100% responsibility and realize it is not you but your programs that attracted the addition, you will be able to actually say "thank you" to that addiction. You will be grateful for the growth opportunity it provides and will find true joy in your heart.

Remember, you create your reality, so you can change it! Addiction is just another opportunity to grow and find your true self.



6 Responses to “Ho'oponopono: Addictions and memories”
  1. Aleksandra Knezevic says:

    Thank you Mabel for this wonderful explanation. This brings us a completely new way of looking at addiction.
    Dr. Hew Len said that using the intellect all the time is one of the worst addictions in the Universe. Intellect doesn’t let go.

    That was completely new stuff for me as I always questioned, always wondering, always trying to explain…and of course never get peace…just unease…

    Being 100% responsible brings peace beyond all understanding. I've been practicing ho’oponopono for the least 6 months, cleaning as much as I can, talking to my inner child as we really don’t know anything.

    Yesterday I was watching a cartoon with my little niece and suddenly the event when I was a little girl popped up in my mind. Surprisingly, all of the event was going on "my screen," very unpleasant event…ahhhh that my inner child doing his or her work and gave me chance to clean memory that I “forgot” on the conscious level…as you said Mabel, we clean to clean, to be close to God as only God know what is the best for us..

    Thank you , I love you
    Peace of I

  2. Kim says:

    I love this article. I've been doing Ho'oponopono on and off for about ten years now. I first discovered your perspectives with your Fleur De Lis article a few months ago, and I've been using that with my other Ho'oponopono work. And, it's not even that I didn't already know what you said about making friends with what you hate about yourself or feel addicted to. But, well, it just helped me see it in enough of a different light to re-invigorate me to apply these principles to some long held addictions (nothing debilitating, but hey, an addiction lost is freedom gained, right?).

    Something else that I'm noticing is how much of what Ho'oponopono teaches dovetails with the teachings of Abraham on the Law of Attraction. I love that I can seamlessly bring my favorite forgiveness rituals (from Ho'oponopono) into my coaching practice along with Law of Attraction stuff! Beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights with the world.

  3. desiree thomas says:

    Hi mabel pls tel me we're can I get ur books it tried our local munucipal library and they do not have any of ur books

    U r a daily inspiration 2 me ....I practice ho'opononono daily.

  4. Cor says:

    Hi Mabel
    This is very very helpful, I appreciate the way you communicate these truths, thank you

  5. Jeannette says:

    i clean for myself and I clean for my ancestors and I clean for my dear friends who have a son in a dangerous addiction cycle with a mental illness. I know that illness is in me somewhere. I clean and I clean and I clean in faith that in time others at that frequency will feel the my effort of cleaning. May this ripple effect keep cleaning the memories as I expect all good things.

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