Ho'oponopono and the integrity of Switzerland

Ho'oponopono and the integrity of Switzerland
Published: December 10, 2009

They say we are poor because of our Attitude. And they say that there are certain rules that people follow in rich countries like:

- Ethics as the basic principle
- Order and cleanliness
- Integrity
- Punctuality
- Responsibility
- The desire to improve oneself
- Their effort to improve their economy and overcome

Well, as you know I have been in Switzerland for the past two weeks and I am always amazed at the order, cleanliness, and ethics in this beautiful country. I want to share what I saw and experienced yesterday, that I just couldn't believe.

I went to the gas station with my very friend Olga. Olga has a beautiful house in the countryside and that is where I am staying. How could I be so lucky to be here, Thank you GOD! As I got out the car to help her, she kept telling me to start pumping and I kept telling her she had to put her credit card in the machine first. So she told me she was going to pay inside, not with the machine, so I started insisting she had to go and pay inside first, and she kept insisting I start pumping!

Well, I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. In Switzerland you pump first and then you pay!!! And…there is nobody there checking or controlling you or anything. You could pump and go without paying!!! Can you grab the importance of responsibility and integrity?

If we wait for the government to solve our problems, we will wait our whole lives.

If we put more effort into our actions, change our attitude and we follow these simple rules we may be able to help nations enter the path to progress and well-being.

It is time to look at ourselves, and as Ho'oponopono teaches us, take 100% responsibility and say "I am sorry, please forgive me, for whatever is in me that attracted this"

100% responsibility is wealth. 100% responsibility is setting yourself and our countries free.

I am presenting this Saturday in English in Solothurn, Switzerland and next Saturday in Spanish with translation to German in Grenchen. After that, I will be on my way to Israel.

When will I finally see you? Soon I hope!

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  1. Yoichi Nakanishi says:

    i love you and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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