Ho'oponopono holiday blessings

Ho'oponopono holiday blessings
Published: December 21, 2009

Ho'oponopono Holiday BlessingsWe need to go back to being children again, live simpler lives and learn to appreciate more...

Remember the beautiful note a girl shared during my training ? Well, here is Daria's note after the Ho'oponopono training in Romania last November.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you all.

You have to trust God that you are right where you should to be.
Every thing that is wrong in your life is teaching you something.
You have to see yourself as God sees you.
Seeing yourself no better than others.

Hard life, wonderful life.
You have to ask God's help when you need it.
I love you, Mabel!…
I came to clean the bad that is in me and to know God better (for me – words erased)

Thank you for life!
When found I was only half perfect… What will God want? And when I find my other half I won't forget God. I have to pray more and believe more!
The things I desired happen with the help of prayers.

Nights open to you the doors of the light of life.
If you try to do things for God or for others, He will reward you with more than you have done.

Everything I feel in my heart, God feels and I have to say: I love you, thank you, I apologize, forgive me.

I have to say "Thank you because you showed up in my life" and then thank God.

I don't have to think negatively about the things I do.
I have to always trust and continue to leave it behind.

We have to express our feelings to God.

There are no shortcuts for my problems or for the problems of people around me.
My way is to take it step by step.

I have to always say "Thank you", again and again.



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  1. Meg Glasstetter says:

    Thanks once again, Mabel!

    Merry Holidays to You and to all of us children making our way home (o;

    When we give everything to God, He will do everything for us.....

    I Love You


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