Advanced Ho’oponopono

Advanced Ho’oponopono
Published: July 5, 2010

Ho’oponopono is so simple, that sometimes people feel there is something more to it which we are not telling them, that they are missing something. They want to go deeper.

Like Ihaleakala says, “I don’t know how to complicate it and make it more difficult so that you would believe me when I tell you it really works.” Moreover, his trainings are always the same, with the same information. The only way to go deeper, is re-taking the seminars, re-listening to (CDs, teleseries and podcasts) as many times as you can. Then find ways to re-mind you to do it and practice, practice and practice.

Some people have taken the training once and/or learned from the Internet and start teaching it! They think they know! They think it is easy. They don’t continue going through training because they say they know it already!! This has become a serious concern to many of us that have trained for years and still have much to learn.

Ihaleakala always says it looks easy to teach, but it is not. Maybe now, after 13 years of practice and hundreds of times in training myself, I can now explain why. Ho’oponopono is not transmitted verbally only. Many things happen during training and it takes many levels of training to achieve true inspiration.

First of all, your training starts as soon as you sign up, because hopefully your teacher is cleaning from the moment you signed up! The cleaning has to be done before, during and after the training. The room has to be prepared in advance by intense cleaning also.

You have to know how to open and how to close a Ho’oponopono training. You do not want to leave loose ends. Very important, otherwise, you are doing a disservice to people.

You have to be cleaning all the time. Attendees benefit not only by receiving the information but by our cleaning!!! If I am not cleaning while I transmit the information to you, I have come to realize that there will be hell to pay later. If I give the wrong information or answers, it comes back to me and my children multiplied.

It comes back to me and my children also if I share information I do not have permission to share!!!

This is what Ihaleakala wrote about people using Ho’oponopono…

“What are the spiritual consequences of anyone teaching without authorization from Divinity?

What are the spiritual consequences of using copyright materials without authorization from the foundation and springboard?

Oh, we can clean.”

Did you know that if done correctly, during the trainings, you can let go of memories that it would have taken you many lifetimes to do otherwise?

Did you know you come to the trainings with your ancestors? They are hoping you will get it this time, because whatever gets erased from you, will get erased from them (when correctly done)!

I don’t know about you, but I have already gotten enough to clean. I do not want to accumulate more on my way, only to gain fame or money!!?? Not worth it spiritually.

What is this new thing called, Advanced Ho’oponopono? And, how could so many be advancing it? You see, there is no such thing as Advanced Ho’oponopono. Not even Ihaleakala teaches an advanced Ho’oponopono. Check the trainings at the very source, and and confirm this yourself!

People are using Ihalekala’s name saying they talk to him or they communicate with him often or that they have permission from him, so that you will believe them! Some are saying that since IZI, LLC came into existence, Ihaleakala asked them not to share, but he still talks to them, instead of telling you the truth; they do not have permission to do it!

Even if Ihaleakala talks to them and gives them information or special tools, those are for their personal use only, as sharing wrong information to the wrong people is detrimental to both parties.

Something I learned at the very beginning from Ihaleakala is that by “helping” others, they lose the opportunity to learn what they were going to learn by crossing the river themselves, and we get more things to clean because it was not right to help them in the first place.

As Ihaleakala says, we do not do it for you, we do it for ourselves:

1) The people that come to the training are our worst enemies. They come to give us one more chance and whatever gets erased from them, it gets erased from us.

2) We show up to see what will be said. We never know what we are going to say. We learn that in every training session we give and every training session we take.

3) We have to be conscious enough to know there is nobody out there but ourselves. So, I don’t need to help anyone else, I only need to help myself.

As guidance when looking for Ho’oponopono training: Ask how many times they took the training and with whom. Find out how many years they have been practicing and when was the last time they took the training. Make sure you ask if they only do Ho’oponopono or they practice other things? There is no way their inner child (subconscious mind) will do the cleaning automatically, if they ride different horses! Good luck, and I pray they are coming from Inspiration when they teach you.

I have been next to Ihaleakala for twelve years. I have a lot of behind the scenes information. He has taught me and given me plenty, and told me a lot of things about myself. That doesn’t mean I am going to use it to make money. You will not find that in my books. That information was right for me. It would be to my own detriment to share them with you. I do not know what is right for me, how could I know what is right for you!!?? Some info and tools that IHHL gave me, will always remain secret and sacred.

When special tools come up to Ihaleakala in training for example, those are for that group ONLY. No accidents –– who is there, who showed up and who didn’t show up.

That you can pay people to clean for you? Please open your eyes! Do those people know how to clean, really? If they knew, they would know there is nobody to clean for but their own thoughts of people! If they want to help you, they need to help themselves.

This is the warning that IZI LLC registration agreement states:

Any misuse and abuse of Ho'oponopono has negative consequences.
For those who use it for themselves, the benefits are legion.

You have to take care of yourself, because nobody will do it for you. Ask and follow your heart.

Do not accept imitations!



24 Responses to “Advanced Ho’oponopono”
  1. Jimmy Piver says:

    Thanks Mabel, Perfect!

    Peace of I,


  2. Jimmy Piver says:

    Thanks Mabel!


  3. Sylvia says:

    Dear Mabel,

    Thank You, that's exactly what I needed to hear.

    I love you

  4. Letizia says:

    Hi Mabel,
    as I've already told you I'm very interested in Hooponopono and I fully understand (as you say) the importance of being reminded of doing the cleaning. I really apreciate your job and I like the fact that, althought you pass the message in your own way, you don't alter the original message taught by Ihaleakala.
    I've taken 2 seminars with Ihaleakala (1 in Italy and 1 in Amsterdam) and 1 with you (in Madrid) and I would like to suggest people to take more than one seminar (if they can) because each time is a new eperience and each time is a very great opportunity for a deep cleaning and a big shift in one's life. Thank you for sharing all this with us.
    I love you,
    Letizia - Italy

  5. Paolo says:

    Thanks Mabel. This is a much needed and great post!

  6. Deb says:

    Great job is so important that people realize that it is an ancient art. That its very premise spiritually dates back so many years, it would be the same as saying something like; Advanced Christianity. How can you advance Christianity when once you leave the true biblical form of it, you have left Christianity all together!

  7. Meg says:

    Hi Mabel! Great to hear from you and thank you so much!

    Yes, the cleaning is profoundly personal and unspeakably sacred. What joy and relief to be in God's Hands! (o; I will just keep on practicing...and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

    All of the Peace and Love of I...


  8. Pam Pappas says:


    Thank you for writing this post. The more I practice with Ho'oponopono, the deeper it goes for me.

    Like many, I did used to wonder about "Advanced" Ho'oponopono because there were references to it on the previous Foundation of I web site. But then it became clear that what used to be taught in the "Advanced" trainings was now being taught in the "Basic" ones too. I like the idea that the way to get more "advanced" with Ho'oponopono is simply to become more consistent in using it!

    The more Ho'oponopono seminars I attend, something more comes up -- and the more cleaning I can practice. Also I hear more stories that bring the concepts "home" for me, in order to practice them regularly in my own life. Thank you for being one of my teachers, Mabel. I love you and Ihaleakala both, Kamaile, and Mary Koehler too. I look forward to learning from even more people in the future.

    Peace begins with me,
    Pam Pappas

  9. Moonbeam says:

    Mabel, thank you so much for the post, it needed attention so people can understand that Ho'oponopono is not something that you learn in one training,or that if you claim that you spoke to Dr. Ihaleakala, you get it right away.I have been practicing Ho'oponopono for over 10 years and I constantly clean. I continue to learn more and more on a daily basis. This is not an overnight fix-it, you have to work on yourself,in other words continue to clean constantly,moment to moment for the rest of your life. There is no quick fix.

  10. Mara says:

    Thank you, Mabel, for your commitment to the Ho’oponopono teachings and for being one of my teachers, too!

    After I took a SITH course with Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, in Washignton, DC, I was overjoyed to learn about you and your work. Despite living overseas, I could further my studies via internet (with an authorized instructor), which would enable my access to telewebseminars, Q&As and a great assortment of recorded and printed material. Thereafter it was great to get to meet you in person at the Montevideo, Uruguay Seminar, and to participate again in the one held last June, in São Paulo, Brazil.

    As many others have posted here, I too, deepen my comprehension and cleaning every time I attend a seminar, a telewebclass or listen to the various CDs and Podcasts, which consequently enhance my Ho’oponopono practice.
    I love Ho’oponopono!
    I love IZI LLC!
    I love Dr. Len!
    I love you!

  11. Meg says:

    "My job here on earth is twofold. My job is first of all to make amends. My second job is to awaken people who might be asleep. Almost everyone is asleep! The only way I can awaken them is to work on myself."

    __Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

  12. Juliet says:

    Thank you Mabel, your words echoed my own thoughts. How can you get more Advanced than God! Peace Begins With Me.
    Aloha Blessings

  13. Denise Stocki says:

    I'm sorry, Please forgive me,Thank you, I Love you. Clean, clean, clean, Divinity erases,and we all get back to zero. I am humbled by the amount of work and devotion that you and Ihalekala put into your classes and seminars.I have not attended one yet,but I can feel the energy that comes with your written word. You are very passionate about this and it is beautiful .Thank you
    Blessings and Peace

  14. Joanne Duffy says:

    Hi Mabel, I have been listening to your 'Zero Frequency' lessons and really enjoying the teachings and reminders. Although I have always resonated with the concept that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world and thought I understood it... I hadn't!! I am still learning and cleaning with this concept. When you mentioned in lesson 3 that the 'problem' is a thought that you have, the penny dropped! I clean with the tools and love taking ownership of my actions. Yet, I suddenly 'saw' myself react.. maybe in what I conscidered a loving way, trying to show someone that they were grumpy and then I cleaned. The realisation came as I considered that they were just a thought that I had projected, that I don't need to say anything or help them to change and see their 'ways', I just clean my thoughts; after all it was my thinking!! It really is quite funny when you look at yourself this way. So much love for this awareness, which I have never realised before. Much love and blessings, Jo

  15. Brenda M says:

    Thank you for this info. As a matter of fact I purchased an advance inner child meditation that I stopped using because it was so different than what Dr Hew Len did on Joe Vitales's Zero Limit. I'm looking forward to doing the training classes for the rest of my lfe. I was practing Buddhism for 2 years before I discovered Zero Limits III web edition, and now all my time is devoted to cleaning even though the buddhist chant is very powerful.

  16. Sarah says:

    Thanks for posting Mabel. Before reading this I just signed up for my first Ho'oponopono workshop in Brisbane, Australia and I'm so excited! I'm pleased to know that I've signed up with the correct organization 🙂

    I would love to attend one of your workshops one day if you ever come to Australia.

    I love your book, I read it often. Ho'oponopono is changing my life in so many ways.

    Thank you


  17. Claudia says:

    Hi Mabel, thank you for posting this. Even though you posted it 2 years ago it was good for me reading it now. I live in South Florida and I have never been in any Ho'oponopono seminar, course or training because I have personal and financial reasons that limit me. I have purchased your book "El camino mâs fácil" (pocket edition) and I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  18. Tomek Poland says:

    It's interesting coincidence. Few days ago I found website IZI LLC somewhere and felt something wrong and didn't know why. So I gave love to this site and let go and now you are writing about this 🙂
    Ho'oponopono it's a really good stuff. Mahalo. Greetings to Mirta

  19. iamthei says:

    Thank you! I didn't know it. Some time ago, when I searched Youtube for videos about Ho'oponopono, I watched also two videos about "Advanced Ho'oponopono" and had very bad feelings when I did it. So now I know why. Thank you again.

  20. Luciana says:

    I love you Mabel. Thank you for what you teach me at trainings. I know now that I am responsible for my life. Thank you and I love you.

  21. Mta-Graciela Diez says:

    Sra.Mabel siempre me movio gran curiosidad esta tecnica del hooponopono pero recien ahora siento la gran necesidad de informarme mas y mas sobre el tema.como continuo mi busqueda?


  22. lucy says:

    mabel tampoco puedo decirles a mis hijos que hagan ho oponopono aclarame eso por favor yo tome dos seminarios nunca con la intencion d enseñar si no de limpiar y de beneficiarme con tu limpieza gracias

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Debes seguir tu propia inspiracion. Ten en cuenta que cuando tu lo haces, lo que se borra de ti se borra de ellos. Esa es la mejor forma de ayudar.
      Asegurate de venir de inspiracion (surge espontaneamente)y no de las memorias (esto es lo que debes hacer) cuando lo compartes.

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