Ho'oponopono cleaning tool

Ho'oponopono cleaning tool
Published: July 9, 2010

Ho'oponopono Cleaning ToolWould you like to help me spread Love and the cleaning?

This will remind you and help you to do more cleaning.

Let's work together on breaking from the slavery of our Beliefs, Opinions and Judgments.

Just copy and paste the code below and put it on your websites, get others to do the same so we can create a LOVE Pandemic together.

Remember, Love can heal anything!

Here's the code:

Here's what it will look like on your website:

Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tool


During my trips to Israel, I kept seeing this sign of the flor-de-lis on top of the foam in the cappuccinos.  It left an impression but I thought little of it until my very last trip. I was having lunch one day by myself at the beach in Tel-Aviv when the waiter brought me a cappuccino, and I saw it there so clearly. I got the goose bumps and I asked; “Is this a cleaning tool?” Then the goose bumps came even stronger. I had many of these rushes coming and going through my body, as I also asked if it was ok to share it with people. More cold rushes.

It is not very common for me to have these sensations (remember, I am Argentinean, Jewish, accountant and Virgo).  All of which keeps me in battle with my intellect, but in this case, I was sure the Universe was trying to tell me something!

I didn’t have any doubt in my heart it was a cleaning tool, but I decided to check and confirm it with Ihaleakala, as I wanted to be sure.  At other times I have gotten my own cleaning tools through inspiration, but I knew this one was a different and special one.

When I asked Ihaleakala, this was his response:

"Flor-de-lis is a cleansing process that releases memories of bloodshed of constant warfare and slavery to ideas, places, situations and beliefs that result in constant warfare.

The way to use it "I put the Flor-de-lis on the situation."


Later on that same day, he sent me another e-mail saying: “Our minds are stuck in constant warfare with ourselves!”

Yes, think about it the worst wars are the ones inside our heads. Our thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments, are our worst enemies. Everything we see is through our own perceptions, what we decided to believe was right or wrong.

If you are ok, everybody will be ok. Peace starts with you.

Please don’t let the intellect convince you that it is easier to suffer and worry than to repeat mentally “I put the Flor-de-lis on the situation."

We all need to be reminded and how Ihaleakala says: “We need all the help we can get!” so you can put the picture you see here around the house or at work as a reminder to do the cleaning and to support you on your way. You can also put this on your website to help you and others with the cleaning too!

The more we let go and let God, the better it is for all of us, and the more people cleaning, the better it is for all of us too. We all benefit. Whatever gets erased from them, it will erase from us!

Love is contagious…so help me spread its virus throughout the world. Please share the flor-de- lis tool with the World!!

Would you like to release memories of bloodshed of constant warfare and slavery to ideas, places, situations and beliefs?  I do. "I put the Flor-de-lis on the situation."

Enjoy Peace beyond understanding!


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93 Responses to “Ho'oponopono cleaning tool”
  1. Aleksandra says:

    Dear Mabel,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article with us, this is so amazing, I love you Mabel..I am working on my website, as on the last call you suggested me to talk directly to God regarding my transition from the current job to spiritual practice. And I did, I talked to my unihippili and got inspired to establish website ( as soon as got it , I will share with you and Mirta ) but let me share something with you.:
    On the very first class , Dr. Hew Len said to me that I didn’t come to Canada because I had to escape war, I came because of the program in me and that truth really set me free. Free of what? Free of the victim’ state. Since that , I am practicing hooponopono every moment, every day…and miracles ( what we humans like to call them ) started to happened. We sold the condo and bought the house ( in my wildest dream I couldn’t believe that we would be able to afford the house that we bought, but we did )in such peace and smooth transactions that is hard to describe, we did everything in 9 DAYS!!!!!!!! My daughter and I just did our cleaning. Now upon sharing this wonderful cleaning tool with us , we can put our painful memories into flor-de-lis and be warfare free…
    I love you Mabel
    I love you Mirta
    God Bless,

  2. Irene says:

    Dear Mabel,
    thank you so much for the wonderful cleaning tool. It is an amazing sign from divinity. It is grace. I'm often in the situation that I see, feel or hear something and I get the goose bumps. Months ago I could'nt feel it but with the continuous cleaning I get clearer and clearer and clearer and clearer ...
    I love you Mabel, please send my love to Mirta too ;)))

  3. Caroline says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this tool Mabel !
    I red your book (The easiest way) in French : it's so clear, so simple, so true !
    I recommend it to everybody and already gave to a friend of mine.

    Merci, je t'aime,

  4. adina sun says:

    Thank you very much. It make me peaceful. I'm Chinese, and saw it in a Chinese bbs, it's maybe the one than I want now.

  5. Anjana says:

    Dear Mabel,
    Thank you for sharing the gift of the tool," I put the Flor-de-lis on the situation."
    It has been great help to me today. I am using it and feel things lifting off of me.
    I love this process of Ho'oponopono. I am grateful for your willingness to clean and share with all of us!
    Blessings of peace-

  6. Flower says:

    Aloha Mabel and Dr. Ihaleakala,

    How exciting it is to receive the Flor-dis-li tool. What a powerful tool that is resonating with me. I think I said it all night in my sleep, at least I woke up to it anyway. I always know a new tool is getting used to me, or I it, while I clean with it, because I tend to forget it, and then have to "work" on it, for instance, how did that one end, Flor-d-hmmm, then I talk to myself and try to coax the rest of it back. And then this morning Flor-di-lis seems to be like a trumpet. In fact I know it is for me. I walked my dog to the park, and told the trees "Flor-dis-lis" and then they said FLOR-DIS-LI, like a trumpet, like the end of all the leaves on the trees where trumpeting out Flor-dis-lis. And then one said to me, this is about unconditional love isn't it. And I said, yes, I guess it is. But one tree whispered flor-dis-lis, I asked, why are you whispering it, they said the baby is sleeping. I turned around and there were two babies in strollers behind me. But soon enough the trees were back to trumpeting in delightful harmony, Flor-dis-lis!

    I'm looking forward to putting it on my website and blog, I also am experimenting with dragging it to a window so it is cleaning on my desktop all day. Thank you for your generosity and trust to share Flor-dis-lis.

    I love you, thank you, Flower

  7. Marianne says:

    Thank you Mabel , Dr. Hew Len, For this beautiful Loving Cleaning Tool "Flor~de~Lis" It is like a wonder to The World...

    Thank you so much, it is doing wonders for me: It gives the goose bumbs..It makes me very happy..just to know it is out there, it does wonders for us all.
    Love Marianne Thank you Mirta, Thank you all users of the Flor-de Lis.
    i love you I thank you

  8. BEATRIZ says:

    Hola Mabel que bueno yo tuve tambien experiencias muy significativas con éste símbolo!!! a lo largo de toda mi vida, y cada vez que lo encuentro , para mí es una señal de que debo quedarme allí o una confirmación de mi actuar en situaciones o lugares.. De hecho así decidí la compra de mi departamento: encontré un tres flores de lis de bronce adornando el ascensor y antes de llegar a ver el depto ya sabía que ahí tenía que mudarme!!! y así toda mi vida... ya empezé a difundir tu mensaje con este símbolo
    Un abrazo

  9. Erika L Soul says:

    Mablel can you show how you pronounce Flor-de-lis ? thankyou for this cleaning tool I am indeed grateful to receive this
    May the Blessings Be

  10. Jacki Harmon says:

    Thank you, Mabel, for the Flor-de-Lis. I have put it on my blog page, and I put it up as my profile picture on Facebook, but I'm not sure how to get it to animate....
    I love to clean!!
    I Love You! Thank You!

  11. Paul says:

    Thank you for this wonderful Ho'oponopono cleaning tool. I have shared this page and the Flor~de~Lis with many of my friends already.

    I love you, Thank you

  12. Neetu says:

    Thank you Mabel .
    Thank you Dr Len.

    I am currently working for Civil war website.

    Thank you so much.


  13. SYLVIA BOURDE says:

    Thanks, your book has helped me in my magic road of life.

  14. claudia says:

    No lo puedo creer, acabas de darme la respuesta que tanto tiempo he buscado. sabes la flor de lis es un simbolo que hace por lo menos 5 anos me sigue por todos lados....y siempre tratando de encontrar respuestas, familia y amigos se han sorprendido de como este bello simbolo me sigue, si puedes darme mas informacion para poder utilizarlo en la forma correcta, porque creo que algo me esta diciendo y quiero darle el significado correcto. desde ya muchas gracias por tu amistad y tu bello conocimiento que compartes en este espacio. Namaste

  15. luzby bernal says:


  16. Daniel says:


  17. Gabriella says:

    Dear Mabel,

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    I usually don't read all the articles, but decided to open this one, because of the fleur de lis... "causalidad".

    Un abrazo.


  18. William says:


    Are you aware also that the fleur-de-lis is a symbol of Count Saint-Germain who "is a loving benevolent ascended master who wishes to work with lightworkers - that is, people who want to help the world clean up its act." (Doreen Virtue Archangels and Ascended Masters p155)



  19. monica says:

    Querida Mabel, a mi siempre me ha llamado la atencion este simbolo, no se por que, asi que lo utilizo : PONGO LA FLOR DE LIS EN ESTA SITUACION. GRACIAS.

  20. Jonathan says:

    I love the post from William saying that the flor-de-lis is a symbol of Saint Germain as I love him very much. No wonder why I am instructed to use this tool so often.

    Mabel I Love you, Thank you

  21. Melanie Watson says:

    Last December my aunt gave me a copy of zero limits. I picked up the book and have been cleaning ever since. After she saw my enthusiasm she also gave me the easiest way by mabel katz. WOW is all i have to say. This has changed my life. I have lost 45 pounds my dermatitis has all but vanished I feel alive full of energy and love. The great part is now I have people asking me and my children what is different, I am glowing I have even been told. I will be 40 in April and feel like im in my twenties. Thank you for sharing this with the world. cleane cleane erase erase. There is much work to be done. peace begins with me

    • Anasha K Shakti says:

      Lady, I have the same testimony. Well, not of weightloss yet. I am pregnant. But I have that glow. Everyone asks me about my skin. Look at the picture of me in this icon. I'm just a glowing. I love it. That is the energy of being infused with love. Love never fails!

      I already have Zero Limits. You just convinced me to get The Easiest Way. More love to you.

  22. Michael DuPree says:

    Thank everyone for sharing your experiences. My own journey begins today, here and now.

  23. Mila Jickain says:

    It's done. I posted this cleaning tool as my profile picture on facebook, the best and the easiest way to spread peace to the world. Mabel, I enjoy watching your videos and interviews. Amazing how Ho'oponopono works, thank you. Best regards, Mila

  24. Sue says:

    Hi. I really like the fleur-de-lis cleaning tool (I'm using the French term--I guess "flor" is from your native Spanish tongue?

    What a beautiful way to be reminded of ho'oponopono and to shift my energy.

  25. Kevin Long says:

    Im going to put the flor de lis on my websites now,Thank you ,i love you.

    Kevin Long (UK)

  26. Gahiji says:

    They branded slaves and others with the fleur de lis. So I am going to use another cleansing symbol. This one has represented elite hierarchy and so I have issue with it. But, if it works for all of you more power to u.

  27. Irene says:

    I use the flor-de-lis in my workshops and people remain very impressed when they read Dr. Len's words to this cleaning tool. His words have such a high vibrating energy! And this energy is in the cleaning-tool!

    Love & Peace

  28. Joanne Duffy says:

    I love the cleaning tool and I will post on my website. Is there any way that this tool can be printed and or placed on my computer so I can look at it whilst I work? Then I can really remember to use it all the time!

    Love and sunny blessings

  29. fulvia mantovani says:

    ciao sono una ragazza italiana scusa se non ti scrivo in inglese ma non lo conosco bene,spero tu riesca a tradurre tutta la mia gratitudine per aver conosciuto questo metodo di pulizia,solo oggi ho scoperto il tuo sito ma è più di un anno che mio marito ed io pratichiamo ho'oponopono dopo aver letto zero limits di joe vitale.per ora abbiamo sempre detto mi dispiace ti prego perdonami grazie ti amo e abbiamo bevuto acqua solarizzata blu ed abbiamo ottenuto risultati meravigliosi ed una pace interiore splendida,ci aiutiamo a vicenda ed abbiamo riscoperto la felicità,vorrei esporla ad altre persone ma non tutte capiscono. grazie grazie per tutte le cose che mi fai conoscere.pace a te ed a tutti coloro che leggono le parole meravigliose di ho'oponopono che possano aiutare tutti.pace. fulvia

  30. Hi. the Flor-de-Lis cleaning tool I really like. I posted this Flor-de-Lis on facebook, the best and the easiest way to spread peace to the world. Mabel, I enjoy watching your videos and interviews. Amazing how Ho'oponopono works, thank you. Best regards, Abby

  31. Jodi says:

    Several years ago my two daughters were injured by a vaccine - it took me 9 months to figure out what was causing their mysterious illness. Once I figured it out I set about regaining their health. My youngest who was 11 at the time of her illness always loved the Flor-de-Lis and called it her symbol. When the girls became healthier I started a foundation to draw awareness to vaccine injuries - our logo contains a Flor-de-Lis. I was amazed when I read your article - this logo has been in our lives for 5 years and it has a new meaning today. Thank you!

  32. Maria, IrishRose says:

    I'm sooo happy, that I'm in Hooponopono)) I'm so proud, that God gives me this unique possibility to be the part of Team of Light!:))) Thank you very much, Mabel, for your inspiring web-pages, sites, videos, audios)) Thank you, that YOU ARE with us)))Thank you for your HELP)))..I'm looking forward to meet you at the seminar in Moscow! I love you!!! And I thank you!!!:)))))))God bless you!

  33. Trudy says:

    Hi Mabel, I have posted this Flor de Lis on my FB profile. Thank you for sharing this information with us. Yesterday a good friend gave me your book "El Camino Más Fácil" to read. I will certainly do this! Un abrazo muy fuerte.

  34. Louis says:

    I absolutely love this tool (Ho'oponopono)! It's a brilliant technique and makes you aware of your own work. And thanks for the "Fleur de Lys" tool.

  35. Les says:

    I just had chills as well. So glad I looked at this and now have another cleaning tool. I just read zero limits after hearing about it in an audio book by Craig beck. I just started doing ho'oponopono two days ago. Just started reading Mabel's book tonight because I'm so eager to keep learning. Thank you. I love you.

  36. marcos jose says:

    Hola, hola, soy nuevo en tu sitio gracias por aceptarme no entiendo mucho de computacion ahora estando contigo voy a vencer el miedo, tengo la certeza que voy a aprender, te solicite los tres capitulos ,lo recibi escrito en ingles nom lo pude leer de todas maneras gracias, espero seguir recibiendo tus envios, te mando un abrazo rompe costilla desde Salta, Argentina, me despido con una palabra bienn salteña chau paisana, Te Amo Gracias.-

  37. dragon's says:

    Nice write up. I'm studying something like this here at Missouri State University. It's definitively stimulating
    to understand writing from other writers and see a little bit from their source.
    If it's okay, I'd seriously appreciate it if
    I can use a few of the articles on your blog.
    And of course, I'll offer a link to your site at hooponoponoway.net on my own page. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Yes, I am sorry I couldn't answer sooner.

      Yes, you can share and please put the link and give credit Mabel Katz as the author/writer.

      Thank you very much,


  38. Mimi says:

    I love Ho'oponopono and it has come to me at the right time in my spiritual awakening - Thank you for all your free resources to which I have been listening/ reading - I did put this cleaning tool onto my blog http://www.rukminiwriting.com. Someday I hope to attend a workshop with you, Mabel
    Much love

  39. Mimi says:

    Also Mabel, I am in Canada, South Western Ontario - please email me
    (in the email I have provided) if I could organize a workshop so you can come here maybe? I want to attend your workshop and I think I would have a few interested friends attend it too - maybe we can talk over phone as well? please let me know if there is a template or any details you already have as to what needs to be done to organize a workshop and I can try to organize one here - we also have a large Spanish speaking community here. I don't speak Spanish but I am assuming that you do bilingual workshops...Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you
    best wishes

  40. patricia sagredo says:

    Estimada , quisiera hacerle , algunas preguntas .

    Me gustaría saber después de leer los libros Como:
    zero Limited ,y el "Sanarse tu y otros " algo asi
    Que estoy haciendo mal ? por favor necesito ayuda me gusto mucho esos libros ,pero no me han ayudado mucho .
    De ante mano muchas
    gracias .
    Patricia .

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Nunca sabes como funciono. A veces estas evitando cosas que venian. A lo mejor cerraste puertas, asi otras se pueden abrir.
      Es el intelecto ( la parte que no sabe) el que te dice que no has visto resultados.Lo hacemos para estar en paz y cuando estamos en paz somos un canal abierto , estamos dando permiso para que lo correcto y perfecto (nosotros no sabemos que es) suceda. Mabel

  41. patricia sagredo says:

    ALOHA .

  42. patricia sagredo says:

    Querida Mabel, como esta? quisiera preguntarle si LA FLOR DE LIS que usted recomienda para limpiarse, se puede obtener en diferentes cosas , como llavero , pin, cruz, .
    Yo encontré una cruz con " la flor de Lis" sale en el centro de la cruz , quiero saber si sirve "LA FLOR DE LIS " para limpiarme ?
    ALOHA .

  43. Zik Ukaeje says:

    Thanks so much for making and sharing this links page to help us spread this tool.

  44. Jacqui says:

    Thank you Mabel!!!

    This is sooooo amazing!!!I am adding this to my sites!!!!!!

    OOodles of KISSES, Y ABRAZOS,
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  45. I love you Mabel. You & Ihaleakala are helping me so much with my cleaning today.
    Thank you. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. I love Flor-de-lis. Thank you for this
    empowering tool.




  47. oscar antonio vasquez says:

    Gracias, muchas gracias por bendecirnos con estas maravillosas enseñanzas.

  48. karen says:

    hola la verdad estoy tratamdo de entender aun la verdad temgo unaenfermedad llamada de graves y mis ojos se han ido deformando y ente a la pagina por que escuche que habia algunos recursos gratis la vedad esoy desempleada y no puedo pagar quisiera saber si hay algunos metodos por aqui en la pagina para ayudarme gracias

  49. Donato says:

    Dear Mabel,

    I bough your books and also a DVD with Dr.Ihaleakala, I'm italian and in this moment I'm working with a company in Puerto Rico that produce paper napkins. We are studing an artwork to print a decoration on napkins. Reading this blog I would put a simbol of Flor-de-lis into this artwork.
    What is your opinion on this?
    Grazie, ti amo.

  50. silvia says:

    Hola Mabel ! he leido tu libro y estoy por hacer el taller de Buenos Aires, no veo la hora de estar ya alli!! gracias gracias gracias
    quisiera saber si hay alguna pagina en donde uno pueda subir sus temas para una limpieza en grupo mas poderosa.No se si se entiende

    mucho amor y muchas gracias !

  51. esther says:

    hola Mabel sigo limpiando pero siento que no estoy soltando oh confiando como nos dices, el detalle es que estoy batallando mucho para aprender ingles pongo la flor de liz sobre la situacion y yo bien cabeza dura, tambien quiero agradecerte por todo lo que publicas en facebook me encanta todos los dias escucho la cancion de Diego torres color esperanza me ayuda mucho
    te amo gracias gracias
    me podrias dar tu opinion al respecto del ingles
    teamo gracias

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Tu subconsciente ya sabe el ingles. Ponte las lecciones a la noche. Trata de escuchar radio, televisión en ingles aunque al principio parezca que no entiendes... Por sobre todo limpia, suelta esos pensamientos que debes batallar. Suerte!

  52. nina says:

    Dali za koristenje ovog alata moramo imati web stranicu ili je mogu koristiti i ja kao pocetnica ove tehnike pa si staviti na mobitel sliku ili kompjuter!? hvala,hvala,hvala

  53. Гульнара says:

    Благодарю,вас Мейбл! Очень нужные, мощные инструменты,помогают жить,мыслить,думать на более высоком уровне ,быть в отношениях терпеливыми ,любить ,уметь отпускать ситуации ,не раздражаться ,быть обходительными ,ценить, замечать красоту вокруг ,что приближает нас к богу! Люблю и ценю все ,что вы делаете для людей,храни вас бог! Спасибо,что вы есть!С любовью и верой в вас Гульнара.

  54. Naira says:

    Haloha Mabel esperando con ansias tu visita por la Paz Bolivia
    estoy limpiando para conseguir el permiso en el trabajo yo vivo en cochabamba nos vemos pronto
    gracias, gracias, gracias

  55. Marta Alicia SPADARO says:

    Hola Gran Mujer y Maestra .- Repetiré lo de todos.- Ud nos maravilla con sus conocimientos, ejercicios,etc, etc. Pero hay tanto que aprender.- Desearía infinitamente seguirle en lo que pueda sus pasos.-Podré ver concretado mi deseo? Desde ya, miles de gracias.-

  56. Yvee says:

    hi Mabel,
    thanks so much for sharing this.... Just wondering if "Flor" is deliberately spelled that way? Its usually spelled: Fleur-de-lis.

    Hope you don't mind my input.

    • Mabel Katz says:

      This is a cleaning tool and this is the way to spell it, but you follow your own inspiration, what works for you, but please do not your intellect, the part of you that thinks it knows what is right.
      Thank you for the opportunity to clean with this,

  57. patricia sagredo says:

    Queridísima Mabel gusto en saludarla , hace bastante tiempo que hemos estado en contacto por esta vía.
    Bueno yo como siempre continuando en la limpieza , con un mínimo de resultados ,vengo siguiendo sus viajes sus libros ,y sus consejos , al igual de dr: Joe Vital ,dr: Hew Len , y no he parado de seguir investigando de este sistema Hawaiano.
    Ahora necesito su ayuda ,mi hijo a los 9 años tuvo cáncer mandibular , y gracias a Dios todo salió bien , ahora el tiene 17 años y tiene que tener su segunda Operación para poder restaurar su carita y poder cambiar la placa Titanio que quedo chica y esta molestándole .
    Bueno estamos a la espera del Dr para que le den el día de su Operación .
    Ahora quisiera ver si Ud. y yo y todos nuestros creyentes podemos limpiar a mi hijo, Su nombre es JOSHUA GORDON SAGREDO, el dejo de creer en Dios desde el día que el tuvo CANCER , yo he tratado mucho que se integre al lado espiritual pero no hay caso.
    He enviado al DR Hew Len ayuda ,pero hasta este momento no hay respuestas , y Joe Vital ,es solo su interés de comprar sus audios y libros , a el lo veo mas comercial que una ayuda espiritual , tengo correos que llegan todos los días con oferta de sus productos , para mi si alguien tiene un DON que Dios les dio , obviamente es para ayudar al prójimo , VERDAD???
    muchos cariños ,ALOHA PATRICIA .

  58. Laura says:

    Carissima Mabel, mi piacerebbe imparare molto di più su Ho'oponopono, mi sai dire se ci sono corsi in Italia, grazie per l amore immenso che state trasmettendo, ti auguro ogni bene Laura

  59. Gracias Mabel,le he estado colocando la flor de lis a un hijo k tengo muchos problemas y no consigue trabajo....gracias gracias gracias te amo pongo la flor de lis sobre esta situación

  60. Monica says:

    Bendiciones Mabel estoy practicando Ho'oponopono para mi y se que es lo que estado buscando desde hace tiempo ! Tengo una fe infinita que da resultado cuando aprendes a sentirlo desde el fondo de tu alma .Estoy muy ansiosa ,emocionada por conocerte personalmente o poder comunicarme contigo por algun medio directamente .Gracias ,Gracias,Gracias

  61. viviana says:

    Estimada Mabel, mi pregunta es por qué en una familia, dos hermanos pueden ser tan diferentes, teniendo mismos padres, mismos ancestros? la memoria celular no sería la misma?

  62. Marbella Franco says:

    Why can’t we download this image anymore?

  63. Marbella Franco says:

    Hola, señora Mabel, how can we know if it’s working or if we are doing it right. My life has been in wonder for so many years. As if something is missing as if there is more to life. My family’s switching with money is always bad. To where sometimes I don’t have for groceries and I know my family and I should have better. I’m thankful for what I do have but we need your help please!!!!

    • Mabel Katz says:

      It is very important to TRUST and let go of expectations Stay open. You never know where it could come from. You have to know in your heart that you will have what you need when you needed. Hold God's hand and allow Him to guide you.

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