How does the Ho'oponopono cleaning work

How does the Ho'oponopono cleaning work
Published: July 16, 2010

Would you like to help me spread Love and the cleaning?

This will remind you and help you to do more cleaning.

Let's work together on braking from the slavery of our Beliefs, Opinions and Judgments.

Just copy and paste the code below and put it in your websites, get others to do the same so we can create a LOVE Pandemic together.

Remember, Love can heal anything!

Here's the code:

Here's what it will look like on your website:

Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tool


How does the Ho’oponopono cleaning work:

The cleaning is initiated by the intellect. It is the mental part in you and the one that has free choice. God gave you the gift of the intellect (apple tree) to choose, it was not to fill it up with knowledge and to get University degrees. To choose what? Follow God or your memories and programs. Do it God’s way or your way. And please know you are choosing 24/7 all the time. Well, your programs are the ones choosing for you all the time, unless your intellect chooses differently (the cleaning).

What does it mean to choose the cleaning? Well, your intellect becomes a little bit more humble and says:

I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is in me that is creating this. The intellect knows it is not GUILTY, just RESPONSIBLE. Responsible for what? Responsible for the programs playing in you and you don’t even need to know, or understand. There is a part of you that knows better and is waiting for you to give permission!

In order to clean, do I need to repeat all that? To clean, do I need to say the 4 words that I learned from Joe Vitale? When I clean, do I need to think and concentrate on what I am cleaning with? NO, NO and NO.

Just repeating thank you or I love you in your mind does it (the I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is in me that is creating this is built in!) Thank you and I love you are the pass codes! Plus, you never know what you are cleaning on, nor you are the one deciding what it gets cleaned. You are just giving permission!!!

So, how does the cleaning work? When the intellect chooses to take 100% responsibility and to let go, it is like an order that goes to the subconscious mind (the inner child in you). The inner child in you is the one that holds all the memories and is the one that makes the connection to your superconscious mind (the part in you that is perfect) and it is the superconscious the one that makes the petition to the Creator.

Immediately after, Mana or divine energy comes down and cleanses you spiritualy, mentally, emotionally and finally physically. The response is automatic.

Important to know: All your problems are a memory playing in the subconscious mind. They are not at the physical level. The problem is the memory or the thought that created your problem at the physical!

Every time you say “thank you” or “I love you” you are letting go, giving permission to this part of you that knows better. This part knows even why that problem showed up, and what is the perfect solution for it too!

And, it is the law of the Universe. Every time you knock, the door opens.

The cleaning is like the game of the Universe and the rules are: 1 ) You trust that every time you say thank you, something happens even if you cannot feel it or see it. 2) No expectations. You do not know where it is going to come from. You do not know what is right and perfect for you. Sorry! Just trust and be patient. Become an observer of your life. You are not your problems. You are above your problems.

If this article was helpful to you, please help me passing it on.

Look at this G-clef. Observe it. It shows you the “circuitry” of the cleaning process.

Let me remind you every time you look at this, to let go and let God.

You can place this around your house, at work, you can place it on your websites so you can also remind others. We all benefit. Whatever gets erased from them, will get erased from us!

Let’s make a difference together!



67 Responses to “How does the Ho'oponopono cleaning work”
  1. Meg says:

    Hi Mabel...this symbol makes me smile and my heart sing (o;. About a month ago, a loving dog called Sy, who had shared his life with me for many years, died in an unusual and peaceful way. The word 'Fibonacci' came into my mind at the time, and I used it as a Ho oponopono tool. The calmness, joy, love, and peace that I have known since his passing leaves me in awe. Thank You!

    Love is all,


  2. Jimmy Piver says:

    Dear Mabel, just had to tell you how much I love this post and the clarity it carries. Don't have words to express it. The closest is "Perfect" and the feelings of peace and well being accompanying it. I notice a gentle smile on my face and in my heart too that says, "All is well."

    Thank you Mabel



  3. Caroline says:

    Merci Mabel !
    Thank you for all Mabel !
    It's always so simple and so nice !!

    Paix du je,

  4. Yoichi Nakanishi says:


    I've read(listen to audiobooks) zero limits and have done my own research about ho'oponopono. The name being Hawaiian, and myself living in the beautiful island of Oahu, I had to look into it myself. The first astonishment was its simplicity. My motto has been to "K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple Stupid)" and after reading Joe Vitale's book and understanding that the 4 phrases were powerful enough to change your life, I knew I had to dig deeper and really understand it as 1)Self cleaning process and 2) as a Hawaiian cultural perspective. Stumbling into this site and reading all of your blog posts, ho'oponopono has really convinced me that it is SO simple you only need "I love you" and "Thank you" and that can create great experience. I believe that children think very simply, and teaching this to kids will definitely create a new generation of people! Anyways the bottom line is that your site has made me understand ho'oponopono better and I will always be learning. THANK YOU VERY MUCH and I love you. ALOHA!

  5. Daiva says:

    I love you! Thanks! Ho'oponopono you are the light of God in my life.
    I love you! Thanks!


  6. Frank Lajoie says:

    Just wanted to drop a note on your web site that I joined to learn more. I've been searching for something in my 61 years of age that there is more about our self then just living and dying with no control in this world I'm still learn the process and it is simple i just hope that I do it right Thanks you for your time and I love you.

  7. RAKESH GOEL says:

    These are the spiritual tools, hence are very simple and innocent filled with divine wisdom.... And working perfect and complete for everyone. Including me, I find everyone is fully satisfied with these divine tools. I find these techniques are for one and for all. Hence, I live with them fully to grow better, better and better everyday and in every step of my life's way. I am very grateful and thankful to Mabel that her ho'oponopono's profound teachings are brightening my every living moment of everyday. I wish everyone to have this divine gift. We all are one. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU.

  8. Stephanie Davy says:

    Thank you for helping to awaken me to myself.

  9. Leah says:

    Thank you for explaining that for me.

  10. cheenu says:

    Dear Mabel/ or other friends,
    I have a daughter 32 years married. She has cultivated some fears in her mind of events not happened and think she has done/spoke some thing due to which others are troubling her. She is in a state of depression. I have been advised to practice hooponopno on her phot. Please guide me the correct way and say whether i can repat the words . 'dont fear yourself' you are brave , eat well, sleep well etc as mantra. May I completely discard clinical treatment and depend on hooponopono.

    please mail me or post on this.


    • Mabel Katz says:

      You want to work on yourself. She is not outside. These are your thoughts of your daughter having a problem. You can erase those thoughts, and they will get erased from her too. She is in your life to give you one more chance.
      Trust! When you do the Ho'oponopono cleaning you are giving permission to God to take care of her. You cannot.
      You don;t know what is right for you, then you cannot know what is right for her.
      Every time you see her or you think of her, juts say thank you, I love you mentally. Is that easy, and it works.
      When she is sleeping, say to her: " I love you, thank you for being in my life"
      Only God can help her and you can help ONLY by letting go and letting God.
      I recommend you consult with Cielo. She gives the first consultation free and she can give you other tools that can help.
      Thank you very much for the opportunity,

  11. Jules says:

    Mabel im into a terrible depression due to my weight gaining and my financials, i've been repeating the words but i dnt see any changes yet. I am desperate, doctors say theres nothing wrong in my body. I need help, i am desperate claiming ur guidance.

    Peace and respect


    • Mabel Katz says:

      You are choosing this. I know you will say how could I be doing that. If you don;t chose to love yourself just the way you are, be ate peace no matter what is going on, then you are choosing your programs to chose for you. 100% responsibility is a must. You created and attracted it. You can change it!
      Let go. Do not engage. Give all that to God. Trust .He is the only one that can help you.
      You can have a free consultation with Cielo if you feel that can help you.

  12. lily says:

    dear mable,

    my husband having the depression due to his business failure few yrs back and sacked from his job recently. he is taking the medicine but still no use. our relationship turns very bad too. we facing financial problem also. everything turn upside down. pls do advise what should i do?

    • Mabel Katz says:

      The cleaning really works. Please trust. Let go and let God. Your husband and his problems are just your memories, so if you erase them, whatever gets erased from you, it gets erased from him, and everybody else. If you want things to change, you need to change. When you will be ok, he will be ok too, the business, everything.
      The ONLY one that can help you is God. Do not think, do not worry. Give permission to God and he will make it better for you and everybody else involved.
      Peace withing IS world peace.

  13. Neeru says:

    I am chanting hooponopono as i was suffering from fever thru chanting now i have no fever no weakness.THANX TO HOOPONOPONO......

  14. Kelly Martin says:

    Thank you, this has cleared things further up for me. I read your books & they are great but this cleared up so additional questions. Xxx

  15. pistol targets printable free says:

    When someone writes an piece of writing he/she maintains the
    image of a user in his/her mind that how a user can understand it.

    Therefore that's why this article is perfect. Thanks!

  16. Jesmine says:

    Thanks a lot for such a detailed and clear explanation! May God bless you for being the medium for guiding us.

  17. Roop says:

    I am in long distance relationship (since March 2011)with a guy. His name is Gurpreet, he lives in Cairns, Australia and I am in India. We both love each other a lot and want to marry each other. The problem is that his parents are not agreeing for our marriage because we are from different castes and his parents are too rigid about caste. In March he came to India to convince his parents (His parents live in India)but they did not agree and he cant go against his parents. In June he went back to Australia and I am helpless in India. I am doing cleaning by saying THANK YOU , I LOVE YOU, for last one month. Please tell me what should I do to marry my love Gurpreet.

  18. mario says:

    Hola sen: Mabel
    que devemos aser para que usted se presente en Miami FL usa.Hay muchisimas personas interesadas

  19. Christian says:

    Hey. Im Christian. Im 22 yrs. old. Iv e been searching about this. Cause I know i have been program with beliefs about lack and money as well as many other stuff. My question is: How many times to i have to do the process? I mean repeating the four words. Also i wanna now how the blue solar water works and how to do it. Thanks. Great article by the way

    • Mabel Katz says:

      The cleaning has to be one all the time. 24 hours a day, but you can just repeat thank you or I love you, or any combination that feels good. All programs can be erased but you need to be patient. You want to do this to be at peace with or without money. In general, when we are at peace and we do not worry, the money comes. 100% responsibility is very important too. You decided to "buy" those programs. Nobody can do anything to you unless you allow it. You have free choice.
      Thank you for the opportunity to clean with this.

  20. Lucas says:

    I just want to say thank you for the enlightning text, it helped me to understand better the Hooponopono. I started using the words few days ago and I feel very good, blessed, calm and in control of my life. This is something powerful, very beautiful and really works. 🙂

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Mabel,

    I have been researching and using Ho oponopono since last November and I truly believe that this self help method can change someone's life. I am not a religious person, I am spiritual. I have a very intimate relationship with God, I put Him first in my life and spend time with Him every morning before I start my day, and I love it! My questions are:

    Is Ho oponopono to take the place of my prayers or is it an addition to my prayers ( which is what I am presently doing)

    Just want to be clear, since we all create our own reality ( good and bad) these are just memories from a past life or from an ancestor passed down to us? When we use the Mantra for say a financial issue, does Ho oponopono clean the memory thus erases the financial issue?

    How many times do we need to clean on a problem?

    I have been using the eraser method along with saying the Mantra and the words Light Switch, Dewdrop and Ice Blue ( also drinking blue solar water) for a couple of weeks on some problem areas in my life-- how long should I continue? Until the problem is resolved?

    This is all so fascinating to me and I crave to learn more. Thank you Mabel in advance for taking the time to answer all of my questions. I love you.

    Btw-- I was cleaning as I wrote this, kinda always in the back of my mind now 😉

  22. Lisa ByGrace-Goi says:

    Hi Mabel
    As you know, I love to clean .. I use thank you pretty much all the time. I have noticed big changes within myself.
    I am delighted to have the cleaning tool for my brand new website .. I am nearly ready to go live with the site .. so the tool cam at the perfect moment for me.
    Thank you
    Love Lisa
    And yes I am still seeing you come to Ontario Canada to teach !! .. I am willing to help.

  23. Selina says:

    Thank you Mabel for clarifying.. I am cleaning on my doubt about the whole process, cleaning on my financial struggles... cleaning on the African continent... etc,

  24. Krista says:

    I have been practicing Ho'oponopono for a few months and feel an amazing peace. My question about letting go....when you are cleaning on an issue, like for me my home not selling which is causing a HUGE financial issue in my families life. Do I clean, and clean until I feel I can clean no more and then let go and let the Divine take over? Do I stop cleaning on that issue. This is the part I am confused with. Peace and thank you for helping me with all your wisdom.

    • Mabel Katz says:

      You are letting Divine to take over moment by moment. Divinity already knows about your house, your family and the financial issues. Just let go and TRUST. The cleaning has to be done all the time (as much as you can) but you never know what you are cleaning with and you don't know if it is right to sell or not. Money might come from another source. Be open and flexible. You do your part so God can do His.
      Thank you for the opportunity to clean with this.

  25. Manjussha Chitoor says:

    I want to learn Ho'oponopono. Please tell me where to find the details.

    Thank you


  26. shari says:

    Can I do ho'ponopono anywhere? At work, in the grocery store etc.? Am I to focus specifically on what it is I want cleansed or do I just let the mantras and God do the work? Because I have many things I would like to focus on lol, so should I just let go and trust my particular will be handled one by one? Thank you 🙂

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Just let go and trust. God already knows and is just waiting for you to give permission.
      It works everywhere and with all kind of problems.
      Thank you.

  27. sonia says:

    was wondering if when preparing blue solar water, is it absolutely necessary to use tap water. I prefer to use filtered water or even spring water. Can I use filtered/spring water? I have researched it a lot and get conflicting information. Please clarify. Thank you, I love you.

  28. sonia says:

    Hello Mabel,
    was wondering if when preparing blue solar water, is it absolutely necessary to use tap water. I prefer to use filtered water or even spring water. Can I use filtered/spring water? I have researched it a lot and get conflicting information. Please clarify. Thank you, I love you.

  29. Carolyn says:

    Hi Mabel
    I always have had relationships with colleagues who take me for granted and will not appreciate my efforts no matter how hard I try to accommodate them.

    And yes, my staff too, take advantage of my kindness. All I need to do is to say the magic words every day? And it will work?

  30. pablo cabrera says:

    hace dos meses empese a leer sobre el tema de la ley de atraccion sobra meditacion sobre la manifestacion y sobre este tema del ho oponopono,no he esperimentado las practicas todabia,pero aun hasi siento mucha tranquilidad en mi espirito estas explicaciones han sido de gran beneficio para mi gracis i love you!!!! creo que el cecreto es estar feliz y agradesido en el momento

  31. Shannon says:

    Hello Mabel,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I have already experienced shifts in many areas of my life, but there is one in particular which has not yet been healed. Is this the perfect answer or solution? To NOT heal one area? Should I just keep cleaning?

  32. Raju says:

    Dear Mabel,
    I am.practicing ho'oponopono everyday for last 3 months but still unable to get rid of past mistakes thoughts from my mind and those thoughts still keep pondering and creates fear.


  33. Ki says:

    Dear Mabel,

    Thank you for the wonderful resources! I've been mentally saying "Thank you" and "I Love You" as much as possible throughout each day. Most of the times, it's just mindless mental repetitions. Does it work this way or do I have to be consciously aware of saying it? Thank you very much!


  34. Thiwyah says:

    Thank you Mabel mam..
    I feel much lighter and trust in Divine guidance now..
    Your post is so enlightning..
    I love you

  35. Khalid Youssef says:

    Dear Mabel
    I wanted to know how does someone get out of the way, trust and Allow?
    I am having trouble with allowing God to take charge of my life and getting out of the way.
    Do let me know how you and Dr Len did this.
    have a good day

  36. Hema says:


    What does it mean to clean 24/7? Are we just saying thank you I love you in our mind continuously without having to think of any problems or situation

  37. Uma Rao says:

    Hi Mabel

    How can the inner child say the words how do we train for that to happen?

  38. Marmar1 says:

    I’ve been practicing Ho’oponopono for couple of months but I’m feeling worse mentally and physically. Could it be a sign of detoxification or I’m not doing it right?

  39. Mrs. Chandra Murthy says:

    Thank you, love you is enough or should I add I am sorry, please forgive me too. I visualise one by one person who have hurt me or I have hurt them and chant these 4 phrases 3 times for each person. Past 1 week things are going really bad but I feel it's cleansing process. Am I on the right path of cleaning. Pls guide me

    • Mabel Katz says:

      You don't have to think of the person or the problem. God already knows. You just have to let go and allow God to correct. You can also let go just repeating "thank you.", o "I love you."

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