Beyond Jet lag with Ho’oponopono

Beyond Jet lag with Ho’oponopono
Published: April 25, 2011

My teacher Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len used to tell me that you can even feel jet lag in your own home, when you move from one room to the other. Apparently, we don’t need to leave our home to feel it. Jet lag happens when all of our parts (super conscious, conscious and subconscious minds) are not arriving at the same time at the same place.

For example, if I go to Europe and forget to tell my inner child (subconscious) that we are going, when I arrive in Europe, my child is watching TV in Los Angeles. Then I get there and feel dizzy. I feel I am not myself.

During all these years, God has given me many opportunities to try Ho’oponopono and see how it works with Jet Lag, but the experience I just had this past month was more than incredible. I really took the time to talk to my inner child and God and asked them both for “extra, extra” help. I told God, “If you want me to do this, okay, but I need help.” And I told my inner child, “I depend on your help. I will not be able to do it all by myself!” I also practiced a special type of breathing that we have in Ho’oponopono, which, when practiced once an hour, helps you get to wherever you are going in one piece.

In the end, I was able to present many conferences and workshops (even a videoconference and a private business event) in Venezuela, Argentina, Czech Republic and Guatemala, in just five weeks!

To tell you the truth, I cleaned like crazy, because my intellect was sure I was going to have a very hard time. It told me that my schedule was an impossible, specially the last two weeks (Venezuela-Los Angeles- Prague-Los Angeles- Guatemala-Los Angeles in 12 days). But to my surprise, I arrived in Prague (9 hours ahead from LA) and felt fresh and adjusted to the time change immediately and I felt great all the time.

I now think my experience in this instance went well beyond jet lag. I believe God wanted me to experience REAL TIME. Perhaps that means that time, as we know it doesn’t really exist and is an illusion. It might be another one of our intellect’s tricks. Perhaps it is another one of our brain left hemisphere’s made up stories. Who knows?! But, whatever the case may be, I am so grateful to God and my Unihipili (inner child) for their help! I have no doubt I could not have done it without them (all my parts).

As always, when I do my part, that is letting go and asking for help, they do theirs. Everything starts with me.



4 Responses to “Beyond Jet lag with Ho’oponopono”
  1. Denise says:

    Thank You Mabel
    What you share with us has been so helpful and perfect. Recently I took a plane trip and I did the Ha breath and kept saying flypaper while we were in the air. On this trip there was no feelings of jetlag at all this time. I took the same trip several years ago and felt dizzy, upset stomach etc. So Thank You so much it really does work. I also had on my ceeport pin and thought it might set off the detectors they have in the airport. I was able to keep it on the whole time.
    Thank You Divinity for your inspirations that have been shared through Mabel and Ihalaekala I am so Grateful.
    Thank You, I Love You, Peace Love & Joy

  2. alethea says:

    Gracias, Mabel, mi cabeza se estallo con tu comentario sobre el tiempo y recorde hermosas experiencias de no tiempo en la quietud de la naturaleza, momentos extaticos de union con todo lo que es!!! Gracias, gracias!! Te amo, Cruz Perfecta, llave de Oro PAZ!!!

  3. Arlindo says:

    I am new here in this ho'oponopono sharing and I have received & studied the zero limits 3 by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. I am now putting these learnings into practice. Thank you Mabel for your efforts in simplifying this great ancient Hawaiian Ho'oponopono practice. I am so grateful.

  4. LILIANA DIAZ says:

    Gracias Mabel, yo viajo permanentemente por el trabajo de mi marido y me diste justo en la tecla de como hacer con el que yo llamaba jetlag. Desde Brasil, Sao Paulo, mando besos. Lily

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