Ho’oponopono – Did you get it?

Ho’oponopono – Did you get it?
Published: November 12, 2011

I love it when people share so that others can hear and open their minds, relax a little bit, and let go of their need to understand with their mind.

The reviewers who came back to my trainings this time in Moscow and Bucharest both shared amazing stories that they experienced in their life after taking the training. They also mentioned that the training didn’t feel like it was the same at all. I was not at all surprised.  I always tell people that this is the case. It’s like re-reading a book. We always find new information we hadn’t noticed before. We ALWAYS get something new at every training.

Also at the Bucharest training, I shared with the attendees that I had just realized that the people who come back to the training every time they have a chance are the ones who REALLY get Ho’oponopono.

It’s true. If we take a Ho’oponopono seminar and never come back to review it, we didn’t get it. If we take one seminar and feel we got Ho’oponopono and start teaching it, we definitely didn’t get it. If we learn about Ho’oponopono on the Internet and think we know it, we didn’t get it.

The people who come back to the trainings are the ones who really get it. I will tell you why. When we get it, we want MORE. We want to feel good. We want more miracles in our life. We enjoy being at peace and happy and feel free for no particular reason, so we want to do more cleaning.

Every time we listen to the Ho’oponopono training, we go deeper and get more insights, more inspiration, and even better, we erase a lot of memories. After each training, we find ourselves doing more cleaning and receiving more blessings. This is because we all need to be reminded. Also, this allows our inner child to get more practice and develop a better connection with us when he sees our commitment, thus increasing the probability that he will do the cleaning automatically.

It hurts my heart when people don’t come back to review the Ho’oponopono trainings because they took it once and think they already know and need no further reinforcement.

There is a story about this guy in India who said, “If Buddha knows as much as he says he knows, then I will come back every year and ask the same question. Then, if really knows, he should give me the same answer.”  So he did. He came year and after year and asked the same question to Buddha, but every year he would get a different answer. Then one day, he was so disappointed that he went to Buddha and said, “Don’t you remember me? I come every year and I ask you the same question, but every year you give me a different answer.” Buddha’s reply was, “Every year you are a different person, and I am a different person. How could I give you the same answer?”

Even if Ho’oponopono training seems like the same information, it is not. The process is never the same because neither you nor the Inspiration coming through is ever the same. The information that comes is the information that is right for the persons in that training.

I always tell people a lot gets erased during the trainings. It is really a blessing just to be in the room. If people knew how much gets cleaned in the training and with the previous, during and post preparation and cleaning, they wouldn’t think twice.  It would take us many lifetimes to erase what gets erased when we attend a training, even when we take it in absentia:

“Noticeable calmness and peace in strained situation(s). Love & Aloha   ~Justine, Hawaii”

“Hi Mabel. Hi everyone. I bought the Romania seminary on Thursday. I was working the next day and I was cleaning as I normally do when, suddenly, I felt completely different. I don’t know how to describe this situation, but I felt something enormous went out from my memory. I was also confident in myself. I felt, “I can do this and I’m not alone in this situation.” This was magnificent. Thank you Mabel. I’m so grateful for this idea. This is an amazing experience in my life.

Love  ~Norbert, United Kingdom”

As for my own experience, I took the training every time I had the opportunity. In the beginning, after a couple of times of reviewing the training, I told my teacher, Dr. Ihaleakala, that I cleaned and cleaned but it didn’t work. Thank goodness there was a part of me that knew better and I persevered. All I can tell you is that I knew my subconscious was getting it. After every training I could see the difference. Doors opened every time. I found myself doing more cleaning. I was more at peace, more confident, happier.

So, when your intellect tells you that you know Ho’oponopono already and you don’t need more trainings, say, “Thank you” and go to the training. Even if your intellect says Ho’oponopono doesn’t work for you, don’t think twice and show up the next time you have the chance.  You will be gladly surprised!

Always follow your inspiration, not your programs. Remember, your intellect doesn’t know a thing.




3 Responses to “Ho’oponopono – Did you get it?”
  1. Precious Mabel,

    Thank you Mabel for this posting. I have never been to a training as of yet, but I want to come to one immediately. I found out about Ho’oponopono via Hale Dowaskin (Sedona Method) interviewing Joe Vitale about 3 months ago. Then I found you on YouTube.

    I have been using various letting go release methods (undoing) for a while now but when I ran across Ho'oponopono something deeply resonated within. I experienced the amazing ease of the cleaning and the simple elegance of this work, so simple in fact that the intellect has a problem with it…precisely because it is not complicated.

    As you mentioned, I have found out as much as I can on the Internet about Ho'oponopono and it has helped much, such as your site and others. Now I am hungry for much more. I have seemingly great challenges in every area of my life (Thank you, I love you)at the moment yet I know as I dedicate to clean moment by moment all will be exactly as it is...perfect.

    So I can't wait to meet you when I do go to my first training. It would be excellent to have you as well as Ihaleakala do a training together. How inspiring!
    I say thank you for your encouraging words and the joy I get when you share about teaching the children to clean all over the world! Beautiful!

    You say that teaching the children to clean is very easy because the children don’t engage with the intellect, and I heard Ihaleakala say it is easier to teach a chair to clean than most people because the chair doesn’t have to ask how or why, So by the time I come to my first training I wish to be as a child sitting on a chair wondrously open to the teaching.

    As my partner Lynn said the other day…. “the only true way to use patience is cleaning waiting for inspiration.”

    Again Thank you, I Love you,


  2. sama says:

    hello mabel
    what can i do who living in Iran and the training is not accessible for me?

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