Ho’oponopono - behind the scenes

Ho’oponopono - behind the scenes
Published: November 21, 2011

Many of you express your concern regarding the veracity or quality of those who teach Ho’oponopono. Very frequently, you write to me and ask if I gave this or that person permission to teach after he or she took the workshop with me only once, and I make it clear that I have permission to use the registered material, but I do not have permission to grant permission to teach.

What’s most important, and what my organizers in different parts of the world always ask me to continue clarifying, is that Ho’oponopono is not taught only through words. And that is why, as Ihaleakalá often says: “It seems easy to teach, but it isn’t.” This last time I was in Romania, as a result of my interaction with a young girl, I was able to demonstrate this concept in a practical way and in the present moment.  This was also an excellent confirmation for me, as I always learn a lot from the children who come to my workshops. I enjoy them and I love having them there. As I always say, children are impossible to deceive.

This last time in Bucharest, a five year old girl came to the workshop with her mother. The mother was taking the workshop for a second time and the girl had asked her mother to take her with her the next time she took it. At several points during the workshop, the young girl would walk up and down in front of me. She would look at me and observe me as I spoke and then she would bring me some very beautiful and colorful drawings that she made herself and where she wrote that she loved me. Of course, the audience witnessed these interactions, and we all smiled. At one point I asked, “Do you think I am receiving love letters because of what I’m saying with words? Not at all. This little girl is able to see what I do not say to you. She can see the work (the cleaning) that I do while I speak!" Thus, I was able to verify that what matters most is the work we do behind the scenes, with ourselves. It is also very important to clean and prepare before, during and after teaching.

We receive incredible benefits when we complete a Ho’oponopono workshop with somebody who offers it with authorization and, above all, is prepared because he or she has taken many Ho’oponopono workshops and, especially, has practiced it for a long time. It is also important for the person to abstain from practicing other techniques besides Ho’oponopono. This ensures that the teacher’s inner child will not be confused and will be able to do the cleaning automatically. It is important for the person to know how to prepare the room to turn it into a sanctuary, so that the room itself can protect us and help us do the cleaning. That’s right. When we teach Ho’oponopono correctly and with permission, the Universe shields and protects us. That is why, when in these workshops, people let go of things that would have otherwise taken them lifetimes to overcome. The blessings we receive in these instances are amazing.

Another clue that generally indicates when a Ho’oponopono workshop is done correctly is that it leaves us a bit tired due to the amount of cleaning done during the training. I always remind my audience, “Even if it seems like you were there doing nothing, everybody does a lot of work during the workshops, so if you feel like going to sleep when you get home, go ahead, don’t even think about it. Pay attention to your bodies and go to bed.” It’s quite amazing also that even people who have insomnia or difficulties sleeping often report the next day that they slept better than they have in ages, for many hours and without waking up!

Dr. Ihaleakalá always says, “While you are in the room, you will be completely protected. Once outside, it all depends on you.” I once asked him what our inner children did while we were at the workshop, and he responded, “While they are here, their Unihipilis (inner children) get along, play cards, etc. But once they leave, that’s a different story.”

Some people trust the power of the workshops so much that they take them in absentia! Can you imagine that? People see results even when they participate in absentia! As Dr. Ihaleakalá would say, “They are smart. They know that what gets erased from the people present at the workshop also gets erased from them.” Of course, this is only possible when the process is done correctly and the Universe is present, protecting and preparing everything.

Divinity tells us: When you move, “I” move. When you take a step, “I” take a step. But, when you stretch, “I” clean the way, but not one minute before or after.” That is why, sometimes, before we make a commitment, the process seems scary. You need to take the first step and offer your trust. I know it is scary, and that’s why we look for excuses, but when we trust, success is guaranteed!

The blessings you get when you show the Universe that you trust are unimaginable. The workshop is something that takes place between God and you. This is also why, unless you pay, you will not receive it. It’s important to appreciate its value and appreciate yourself. You must feel that you deserve it and that you give it to yourself. You can even stretch beyond your boundaries (feel the fear and do it anyway) if you cannot pay for it. All of these are different ways to show your trust to the Universe.

As Dr. Hew Len says, we work with very toxic memories during the workshop. I am aware that my worst enemies come to my workshops, and they do it to give me another chance to correct, to repair. I also know that only when I clean do you receive what is correct and perfect for you, and especially the protection we mentioned before. Not everybody receives or hears the same things. Did you know that? God does not treat us like cattle. We receive what we give. Each one of us is unique and receives that which is correct and perfect for each, but in order for that to happen, the teacher must know how to be at zero and clean while he or she speaks!

Teachers teach for themselves. The age of sacrifice is over. If we can get one of you to erase, what you erase will be erased from us as well. They say that we teach what we need to learn! I always tell my students that I have much more to erase than them. That is why I’m the teacher!

If I don’t know what is correct for me, how can I know what is correct for you? The same thing happens if you ask me something, and I give you an incorrect response because I don’t practice cleaning and I react from my memories instead of coming from Inspiration. This is not good for you or for me. Everything brings consequences.

We all need to continue taking Ho’oponopono courses to continue cleaning and learning how to come more and more from Inspiration. Ho’oponopono is like a retraining, and you need to take it many times and continue hearing the information to be able to reeducate yourself and reeducate your Unihipili (inner child).

I love you,




14 Responses to “Ho’oponopono - behind the scenes”
  1. yuetching says:

    Thank you. I love you.

  2. Carmel Maguire says:

    Dearest Mabel~~ I so love Italy.. my ancestors were all from there!So hope to attend one of your workshops when you are in the L.A. area..Excellent " behind the scenes" !
    Safe travels,
    Blessings, Carmel Maguire

  3. Zannie Rose says:

    it is such an inspiration to read this site today. I am inspired to continue cleaning even more. Thank you I love you

  4. faten says:

    Thank you, Very very inspiring "Behind the Scenes". I did two workshop with Dr Ihaleakala and Mary Koehler. I am so into HO'OPONOPONO in every breath i take. I experienced MIRACLES from the first week after reading (Zero Limits) and cleaning even before the workshop and more after. To my great Luck also I received the Gold Key before the first workshop in Dubai this year and I was full of questions. Sure realized some answers only after the workshop and I admit I was very glad and happy. Still don't know 100% the full meaning but surly feel very positive about it. My work demands lots of traveling, but I am sure I will be in one of your workshops very soon. Thank you I Love You, Faten

  5. Laara says:

    I feel my Unihipili thanks You Mabel, Ihaleakala and all whom I don't see, know about being in the spotlight for Ho'oponopono.
    The message here is revealing, the sacredness of what is happening.
    There is something though I am attracted to, and I wonder if this could be a cleaning tool - "how does it get any better than this" saying to the Universe... while Cleaning. My Mom is cleaning more now.."how does it get any better than that" THANK YOU. Even my 87 yr old stepdad listens.. I have many glasses of water for different "concerns" and for whatever is in me that shows up as others experiences. I Love You, yes Love you and ever grateful. I fall asleep so many times listening to you on my recorder, perhaps my Unihipili is grateful that I smarten up more.. 🙂 Loving blessings, Laara

  6. Denise Stocki says:

    Aloha Mabel, Thank You for this wonderful message of what takes place behind the scenes. I have had the pleasure of taking a class with Ihaleakalá and Mary Koehler and it was amazing. And yes I was exhausted after the class. I also took a class with you in absentia. I am so grateful for the opportunities to learn more from you all as teachers of this beautiful way of life called Ho'oponopono. Those of us who think we know, we know not. I'm sorry for whatever memories are in me that have caused this situation of thinking I know what it takes to teach Ho'oponopono... Please Forgive Me, Thank You... I Love You.
    It is a sacred gift that you as teachers share with us all. And I Thank You for all you do, from preparing the room, cleaning before, during and after, and always. And sharing your Inspirations, it is all perfect. The gift that keeps on cleaning, Letting go and Letting God. Thank You...I Love You. Peace, Love & Joy

  7. alethea says:

    Wonderful words as always Mabel, I love, I love you all people, peace be with you. Happy New Year, Happy new life!! Blessings, Alethea

  8. jing8889 says:

    "The blessings you get when you show the Universe that you trust are unimaginable. The workshop is something that takes place between God and you. This is also why, unless you pay, you will not receive it. It’s important to appreciate its value and appreciate yourself. You must feel that you deserve it and that you give it to yourself. You can even stretch beyond your boundaries (feel the fear and do it anyway) if you cannot pay for it. All of these are different ways to show your trust to the Universe."
    I am little confused on this. does that mean all the books and audio recording or movie wont work at all??
    I am new to this theory.
    anyone , please avise .
    I just brought Mabel's " the Easiest Way ".
    There are so many of here . Do I need to go through all of them ??

    Thank you , Thank you . I love you !!!


    • Mabel Katz says:

      Confusion is not bad. It means the old beliefs are going and the new ones are coming in (a transition). Be open and flexible. Is part of the changes we need to go through. Yes, they will work. Please do not worry. You follow your heart.
      What I do recommend, is that you take the seminar as soon as you can and as many times as you can, because during the training there is a lot of cleaning done and is also a way of reprogramming yourself. We need to unlearn in order to re-learn.
      Let go of trying to understand ans allow he flow to take you and you will end at the right training with the right people in the right place.

  9. Batsheva Dori-Carlier says:

    Dear Mabel,
    Thank you for this! took 5 trainings with you & looking forward to many more 🙂 the more i practice, the more i can handle things with inner peace, let go of fear & worry much quicker than i used to before starting to practice ho'oponopono. Thank God you are in my life! I am sure ho'oponopono is ALREADY helping to resolve the israeli-palestinian conflict in Israel, because more and more people practice it on a daily basis. You gave us a great tool for peace. I love you, Batsheva

  10. Frank says:

    Dear Mabel,

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I do feel however there are somethings which are simply humble observations when reading your articles.

    You had mentioned that Ho'oponopono in one of your articles " If we take a Ho’oponopono seminar and never come back to review it, we didn’t get it." I disagree with this statement. Isn't it possible that for some people one seminar is sufficient to get it? Is it mandatory that one has to come back to get it? Doesn't this foster a belief there is always something to clean?

    Isn't simply non resistance to life and surrender to Divinity the same thing? Is it also possible to believe that there is only something to clean, as long as our mind sees it as real?

    While cleaning is important, I also believe that we must not get caught into a fear that there is always something to cleanse. Or that if one does not attend a second seminar , one is missing out on something, or hasn't "got it". Otherwise people maybe lured into a sense of fanatical belief found in some religions that there is always something to cleanse or atone for.

    Just my two cents.


    • Mabel Katz says:

      Memories play 24 hours a day. This is your job till you take your last breath. If you didn't have anything to clean, you wouldn't be here.
      This is the reason we want to clean 24 hours a day (be in automatic) and for that, we need to train our subconscious mind (our inner child) and is important this part of us to listen to this many times. We need to reprogram this part of us and get it to do the cleaning as it does the breathing.

      Thank you for the opportunity to clean with this,


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