Can Ho’oponopono help with depression?

Can Ho’oponopono help with depression?
Published: November 25, 2011

You bet! First of all, depression is a memory and yes, it can be erased.

Did you know that we can become addicted to our depression?

Yes, because we are so used to this state of being and we do it so well that it just feels “natural” to us. To top that, we might have some pay off: maybe getting people’s attention and /or having people taking care of us when we feel this way?

Did you know that depression is actually hard work?

Our natural state is to be happy, so you actually have to put your body in a certain position, your face’s muscles in a specific way, etc. So, just changing your posture or even just by smiling, you cannot actually be depressed!

Did you know that many times depression is lack of water? Just by drinking more water, you will feel much better. You cells will regenerate, expand. Definitely Blue Solar Water* works wonders on erasing these memories.

Well, I would like to tell you that once a student of ours called me very depressed. She was doing so bad, that her doctor wanted to hospitalize her. She was told she couldn’t come to the training Ihaleakala and myself were presenting in San Diego because she couldn’t drive the way she was feeling. I asked Ihaleakala and he told me to tell her about the glass of water* tool. That tool had come to Ihaleakala by Inspiration during a consultation that week he did with a woman that was going through a divorce and was very depressed. Let me tell you… she drove the following day to San Diego and showed up to the training with a very big smile on her face and said: “it took me 3 glasses and I felt like new.” Listen, she was going to be put in a mental hospital!

If this is not enough to convince you, read the story that another student of Ho’oponopono shared with us:

My name is Teresa and in May of 2005, I suddenly fell ill to what I can only describe as a nervous breakdown.  I don’t even know if that would accurately describe it.  All I know is that my husband and a nutritionist named Jean thought I was ready to leave the planet.  For five days my heart would race at way over 100 beats per minute.  I could not sleep but could only pace the floor.  When I tried to sleep, I was so scared because I literally felt my heart stop.  I was in a constant state of panic.  My little boy was 2 years old at the time.  This was when I lived in Hawaii and my current doctor was a Naturopathic Physician.  I didn’t have great luck with western medicine, but when my N.D. couldn’t help me, I had no choice but to go to the ER, where I was admitted to the Psychiatric Ward.

The doctors kept overloading my system with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, because they could not figure out what was wrong with me.  I had never been a depressed person, nor had I ever taken antidepressants in the past.  They insisted I was depressed and gave me dosages that I would perhaps give an elephant.  From 2005-2008 I was hospitalized in a Psychiatric Unit four times.  The antidepressants were not working and I kept getting worse.  I wanted to leave the planet many times as I suffered excruciating emotional pain and anguish.  My doctor’s solution: give her more drugs.
I remember living in Boston, reading Kitty Dukakis’s book about how no medication had helped her depression and how she went to Massachusetts General Hospital and had shock therapy.  Living in Massachusetts, I thought it was my only way of surviving.

In early 2007, I remember watching Rhonda Byrne introducing “The Secret” to the world on Oprah.
I felt this rush of excitement.  I hadn’t felt excitement in a very long time.  After the show, I drove to a bookstore and started learning how to visualize and making my wildest dreams come true.

I could never manifest good health however, and continued to suffer.  My caveat is I did manifest my family moving to San Diego and it was thrilling having that happen.  I knew there was something way beyond anything I had ever known or been taught in the past, as our moving to SD was nothing short of a miracle.

I started studying various energetic healing modalities and in early 2008, I learned of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono.  I studied and did the “cleaning” process religiously.  The depression went away and I threw all of my addictive antidepressants, anti-A.D.D. and anti-anxiety medication in the trash.  I haven’t taken any medication whatsoever since November 11th, 2008.  I feel like a million bucks and still do my “cleaning” even today, as I write this.

Self I-dentity through Ho’oponopono is a beautiful process and I can only describe it as perfect, sacred, miraculous.  Dr. Pappas, I am writing to you because the girl you wrote about is real and if I can help answer any questions from you or perhaps a curious patient, I am always happy to help.



Hope this helps you to be more aware next time the depression memory wants to play in your life. Now you know you have a choice. You can say thank you or I love you to the depression. This way you let go of the memory and give it to God that knows better why the depression. Choose to let go of the depression and get on the driver seat!

Love you,

*Ho’oponopono tool Copyright © 2009 IZI LLC



22 Responses to “Can Ho’oponopono help with depression?”
  1. Denise says:

    WOW! What beautiful stories of what these two women have gone through.
    Thank You so much for sharing.
    It's life experiences like these that wakes us up to wanting to clean even more.
    Divinity Heals!!!!!
    Thank You!
    I Love You!

  2. Neetu Kaistha says:

    Thank you Mabel , for the post , its so inspiring , I feel as times I am addicted to problems and now that I can clean and clean on it, has shown me that I can be at peace no matter what.


  3. maria julia says:


  4. Laurie Caputo says:

    Thank you Mirta and Mabel for offering this lovely session.
    I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn this practice. It has helped me tremendously. I am blaming less and cleaning more.
    Things are getting clearer with each passing day. Everybody around me seems happier too! That's the best part. PS the best advice was to QUIT TALKING. I needed to hear that.

    I really appreciate your sincere dedication to help others.
    All the best for a CLEAN 2011!

  5. Kazzrie says:

    This is so inspiring and I'm ready to try Ho'oponopono!!!

  6. Sabine says:

    Hi there...

    So Inspiring!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I have been in depression for so long now and it worsened after having both my boys and has been diagnosed as Post Natal Depression. My youngest is 7 months old and I have been on medication (for the third time) for the last 5 months and I have huge dips into the abyss. I am still not right and I just don't want to change medication and go through all that horror again! I completely lost it in despair a few days ago and my amazing husband organised for me to go to a retreat for two days. At the retreat I found the book "Zero Limits" sitting on the coffee table and read it in a day. It spoke to me somehow and I know I was meant to come across this information. I'm still in a fearful space however I am dedicated to practicing Ho'oponopono and I look forward to posting again in the future to share my success story.

    In gratitude and love
    Sabine x

  7. Bjarka says:

    Amazing story. I'm on my own experience, I know how it works. Heart skips a beat on how many people this method can help. Thank you.

  8. pilarf says:


  9. Momo says:

    Hello to All!
    Greetings from beautiful Adriatic Coast.

    Thank you for this forum and your experiences.
    I am new to this ancient technique and I need advice from all of you.
    My situation is personal but I dont mind sharing it, bcs we are all connected, sorry, but it's yours also LOL 🙂
    So it is like this: everything happened so quickly, before I could react. I am married for 10 years now. Problems were many sad fights, and my feelings for her starting to dissapear and turning into friendship. I cant bring them back. It makes me sad bcs I know she loves me very much.
    Lately I met other woman, with whom I "clicked" on all fields of life and we started a relationship. It is not yet physical, but we are getting to know each other and have a good time.
    I am ashamed that I am in this Love Triangle, where neither of them knows for other. And it is eating me up.
    It's been like that for two months now.
    I really want to be with the person I met.
    My greatest fear is hurting others person, especially when I know she loves me sincerely. Breaking up means that she would have to move out, parents and so on, and she doesnt have a job, and so on....
    I do not know what the best thing to do is.
    How can I use hoponopono with this situation? Do i take full responsibility for attracting something like this into my reality, clean it and leave it to Divine Intelligence to solve this in best way possible?
    Thank you for reading this embarrasing comment.

  10. Julieta Guerrero says:

    Hola ,,recién comienzo a practicar Ho oponopono les cuento tengo una sobrina con deficiencia mental hace un año comenzó con mucha agresividad y el medico solo le aumenta los medicamentos ,tengo una pregunta ,si todos estamos conectados es posible que yo haya generado ese estado agresivo en ella???gracias de antemano y de cualquier forma sigo haciendo mi limpieza ,que me cuesta mucho soltar ,pero quiero hacerlo Gracias!!!

  11. Julieta Guerrero says:

    Hola ,,recién comienzo a practicar Ho oponopono les cuento tengo una sobrina con deficiencia mental hace un año comenzó con mucha agresividad y el medico solo le aumenta los medicamentos ,tengo una pregunta ,si todos estamos conectados es posible que yo haya generado ese estado agresivo en ella???gracias de antemano y de cualquier forma sigo haciendo mi limpieza ,que me cuesta mucho soltar ,pero quiero hacerlo Gracias!!!

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Tu pregunta suena mas a si eres culpable? No, no eres culpable, pero si responsable por los discos que pueden estar tocando adentro tuyo que se manifiestan como este problema. Ella no esa afuera tuyo. Cuando sueltas, lo que se borra de ti, se borra de ella. Esta es la mejor forma de ayudar.
      Ella es un ser avanzado que eligio esto y hay un acuerdo previo con Uds. que asi seria. Vela perfecta como Dios la ve no a traves de las memorias que nos dicen que ella tiene un problema.
      Gracias por la oportunidad.

  12. L**t says:

    Dear Mable,
    In Hooponopono site it is mentioned that light depression is more treatable than stable one. I am practicing the method with medications and still suffering. should I continue or my case is not curable?
    Thanks in advanced for your reply.

    • Mabel Katz says:

      It can work in all kind of depressions, but we do it without expectations, jut to be at peace, even if the depression continues.
      You have to be consistent and be patient. God(Love)can heal anything.

  13. Erika Tóth says:

    I suffered from depression for years. I took lots of different medicine but they didn't help me. I was getting worse and worse. One and a half year ago I met ho'oponopono, since then I have been using its different tools. Lots of changes happened in my life, but the biggest change is: I am over the depression. I don't take any medicine, I am not anxious. I am OK! I can keep smiling again, I can laugh again, I have a sense for humor again!!
    Mabel, thank you very much for introducing me to Ho'oponopono. Thank you Klara, you were always there when I had questions. The Ho'oponopono works. Peace begins with me. Thank you. I love you. ERIKA, Hungary

  14. Gal says:

    I just cant stop reading and doing the ho'ponopono so many things that i use it on... and it feels like i am safe i am home. i just want to hold this feeling always. And whold love to hear more ( son is diabetic and brother with mental illnes.
    thank you and i love you for sharing that with the world.

  15. esperanza gracia mendez says:

    Hola mavel,estoy en una relación toxica,y ya empece a borrar,y a tomar el agua solarisada,que mas puedo hacer,gracias gracias,gracias

  16. Laila says:

    Hola Mabel! hace un tiempo me he conectado con Ho´oponopono. Siento que hay tanto que borrar y limpiar, aunque siento expectativa por sentirme cada día mejor y en paz. Escucharte me trae mucha paz. Me propongo integrarme a la comunidad virtual y quizás así poder estar más cerca. Podrías ampliarme lo relacionado al uso de "blue water" en qué consiste y cómo se utiliza? Bendiciones por todo lo que transmites y el bien que haces. Gracias, gracias, gracias!

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