Ho'oponopono - Be willing to give

Ho'oponopono - Be willing to give
Published: April 11, 2012

Definitely, if we insist on protecting our ego and acting arrogantly, the Universe will hit us where it hurts the most. The only way we can get the support and help we are seeking is to let go of our “smarts” and become more humble. We must realize that our intellect doesn’t know a thing.

If we feel the World owes us something or that we are the only good and honest person on Earth and everybody else takes advantage of us and we play the victim, all doors will continue to close.

If we give to others expecting something in return or give but make the receivers of our “generosity” feel guilty and indebted, it’s better not to give. We can never get the love, acceptance and respect we are seeking by doing and acting this way. These things are not for sale. We must earn them.

Are you still living in the past? Are you attached and stuck to things and people gone by? It is time to let go and start living in the present. There is no more time to look back and to go around in circles, nor time to try to understand it either. There is nothing to understand, and even if you think you know why things happen, you really don’t know, because events usually have nothing to do with what you think. Everything is the product of memories replaying. Most of these memories come from previous lifetimes, and a high percentage of them come from our ancestors.

Let go of what you want others to be and start working on yourself and what you want to be. People don’t listen; they observe you, so you will get much more from setting the example.

You might see life as unfair. You might think people owe you. You might see others as ungrateful and mistaken. All these beliefs keep you in a state of resentfulness and bogged down in feelings of entitlement.

When we give our best without expecting anything in return, we feel good and at peace with ourselves and with the Universe. On the other hand, when we receive without effort, without doing our best, something in us knows we didn’t earn it and do not deserve it, and we boycott ourselves by losing it or spoiling it. We need to feel capable and deserving, to have a sense of accomplishment. That is why we don’t usually appreciate free stuff. Real benefits result from real giving, which is unconditional and stems from the pure desire to be the best that we can be. We must give to receive. There is no way around it. It may be money or it may be physical, spiritual or emotional effort, but we must always do something to receive. Everything we give comes back multiplied.

I’ve experienced this universal law every time I’ve decide to make an exception with the Ho’oponopono seminar fee. The people who don’t pay for the seminar don’t get it. You see, the information doesn’t come from me. It comes from Divinity, and Divinity is always watching. You get what you give. It is up to you, your trust and your commitment. Everything comes back, the good and the bad.

In order to feel that you have earned something, you must get out of your comfort zone, take action and be willing to pay for stuff in order to receive and keep. There has to be some sort of exchange. You must show you appreciate and value what you are seeking. You must be willing to invest and trust.

Stop playing games. Yes, all of the above are games we play. Be willing to take responsibility for your life, and things will start changing and get much easier.

Now you can choose to be more conscious and notice when you start playing games and spending time concentrating on what doesn’t work, like worrying, coping, blaming, complaining and thinking. Instead of that, you can choose to let go and help things be better and easier.

Everything in our life is an opportunity to overcome challenges and become better and stronger. Everything is a blessing, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Stretch and get out of your comfort zone. Give your best. No expectations. Let go of the past, your regrets, your anger and be ready to receive all the gifts the Universe has in store for you.



5 Responses to “Ho'oponopono - Be willing to give”
  1. Barbara says:

    Dear Mabel,

    I really love your new blog entry. It makes a superior point. I think what many people do not understand is, that if they give in order to get, it will not work out for them - nor for anyone else.

    During a long journey in my early twenties I received a surprising phone call from my employer. I was told that after my return I would have to work in a different town. There was only a single weekend to find accommodation. Fortunately a friend from my academic years was living next to that town. I called him right after my return and asked for support. He immediately said: “Babu - no problem. My sister has just left for living with her boyfriend. Please, come here, stay with us until you have found a place of your own." Gratefully I took the opportunity and stayed with this family nearly one year. It was a bigger family than the one I came from, so I had the chance to learn many things. I felt very happy and grateful about that. But I realized that there was hardly anything I gave back to them. One day I mentioned my concerns to the mother of my friend.

    Her answer was this: "Life always pays back. Maybe right now we are blessed to have something you need. So it is natural to give it to you. We are only an instrument. When we need something, someone else may have the instrument to help us, and he will surely do. And in your life may appear people who will need what you have. Give it to them and you have done the right thing."

    Two years later when I had an own flat again, I was assigned a young apprentice. Very fast I sensed that something was wrong with this girl. One day she came to work with bruises, crying. She told me her mother would lock her in, only let her go to work, and in the evenings spank her with a wooden spoon. She had just turned 18 and she said she would have enough, but did not know how to start. Without thinking I told her, there was enough place in my flat. She might share it with me until she had structured herself and knew what she wanted in life. She moved in on the same evening. When it became known she was living with me, many colleagues told me what a mistake my offer would be. I would be stupid to take a girl in, who rather needed a psychiatrist. She would never pay me back, I would exhaust my finances, my time, my power etc etc.

    Young as I was, I often felt very non-confident about myself. So the comments puzzled me. In this situation it helped what the mother of my friend had told me. It gave me the idea that it was okay to give what I had. The girl lived with me for a while, tried some things to find her own life-style and managed. I don't say it was always fun. But we both still consider it a fulfilling and rich time in our lives.

    It might be very uncommon to think in terms of "give - and you will receive" for people, just because they think that everything they give has to show an immediate result in getting what they want in return. They have so many expectations and even demands, as you say. Actually life is always giving and caring and loving - much more than the ego that always lives in needs and wishes can grasp.

    So thank you again, Mabel. I like your blog-entries very much. It feels just great that even in these times of a confused reality perception one can choose to connect with sources that come from the essence of everything.

    Thank you and

  2. Pegatha says:

    Wow! Mabel, that was so beautiful and clear! Thank you for sharing it. As I read it, several of my "recent" questions were answered, and some I hadn't even asked yet. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Joyfully, Pegatha*

  3. gouki230 says:

    This is a really interesting topic

  4. iamthei says:

    I like it very much! Thank you!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Muchas gracias por tan maravillosos comentarios. Todo esto nos ayuda a crecer mucho más y así poder soltar tanta cosa que obstaculiza nuestra vida, como son los miedos, los apegos, los temores etc., etc. Muchas gracias, gracias, gracias.

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