Ho'oponopono Seminar in Los Angeles. February 17, 2013

Ho'oponopono Seminar in Los Angeles. February 17, 2013
Published: January 30, 2013

Seminar-01-17-2013Aloha my friend,

Remember I was invited to participate in the Renovemos Mexico event in Mexico City with Gabriel Nossovitch and Don Miguel Ruiz last August? Before I got there, I was not sure what the event was all about, but as I sat in the audience and participated with them and after it was my turn on the stage to speak, watching the other participants, I realized how BIG and IMPORTANT this really was.

At that moment I realized this was definitely a way of making a difference, and that we needed to bring this event to Los Angeles. Because you see, just as Peace begins with ME, Renewing also begins with US!

As we learn in Ho'oponopono, everything starts with us. If we want to produce a change WE need to change. We need to renew, there is no one out there! As always, first US and then we will be able to renew Mexico, USA, and the rest of the world. Everything starts with US.

For the first time in Los Angeles,  I bring you these globally-renowned, transformational speakers, trainers, experts, and bestselling authors, to help you uncover the secrets of your true potential, so you can experience more Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance and Happiness.

Don Miguel Ruiz, Gary Quinn, Gabriel Nossovitch, DC Cordova and our MC, Kora Sanchez will be joining me in LA, Saturday February 16, 2013 to Renew U.

And Yes, I will be also presenting a Ho'oponopono seminar the following daySunday, February 17, 2013, so you cannot miss this amazing transformational weekend. You deserve it!

If U can put a check next to any of the questions below, then it is Time to Renew U:

  • Are U unhappy?
  • Are U looking for a job or a better job?
  • Are U having problems with your business or looking for new business opportunities?
  • Are U attached emotionally to things that are holding you back?
  • Are U attracting the wrong things?

If you are stuck on your old ways, if you are attracting the same things and they are not working for you anymore, then it is time to RENEW U. It is Time for change, Time to adjust to the New Era, to this New Paradigm, it is definitely Time to Renew U.

Come and Discover how to Reach your Highest Potential in this One Day event of profound personal transformation!

Let go of the old beliefs!

You change your beliefs, you change your Life!

Did you hear the interviews to the different speakers yet?

I will be sharing with you more the next couple of days.....:)

You have till this Wednesday ONLY to SAVE $100 if you sign up for both training.

Reserve your space NOW

Peace within IS world peace

Mabel Katz

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