Author of the four agreements in Los Angeles. Los Angeles. February 16, 2013

Author of the four agreements in Los Angeles. Los Angeles. February 16, 2013
Published: February 6, 2013

Aloha my friend,

Let me tell you I've just came back from Hawaii where I was knighted by the Sovereign Order of Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint hn de Jerusalem Russian Grand Priory and now I am back in Los Angeles, concentrating on our events in Los Angeles coming up very soon!

As I mentioned on my last newsletter I want to share different perspectives to my question: Why is so important to Renew U now? During my interview with Gary Quinn about our Renew U event in LA, here was Gary's answer:

"I think what happens is that the frequencies in the world changed, and I think the power to be in many countries as leaders has changed, because lightness has been working itself into the universe for the last ten years. And in business we don't operate in the same way, the business work of the old ways, they don't work anymore, so the urgency is that everybody has to get on board; that means everybody has to bring in the concept of changes here and change now. As technology came on you had to learn how to turn on a computer. We had to learn how to be technical, we had to learn how to integrate Twitter Facebook and all of these social medias into our daily lives, and I think it's our own responsibility to know a little about everything and really take action."

You will really enjoy Garys's entire interview

Here is my question to you: Are you ready to take control and let go of what is not working? If your answer is yes, then you must join us at this transformational event and sign-up at

Peace within IS world peace



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