Magical Peru, a spiritual cleaning Tour with Mabel Katz

Magical Peru, a spiritual cleaning Tour with Mabel Katz
Published: July 16, 2013

We knew our trip to Peru would be a special one, so we called it “Magical Peru”, but it was really more than that.

Not only was the weather on our side throughout the trip, but we experienced a variety of spectacular events. We ended up in places that were not really on the agenda, which allowed us to do exactly the work the Universe had prepared for us. We knew that it would give us an opportunity to be reborn, to let go of old patterns and conditionings that we carried with us since birth, and that no longer served us. That is one of Ho’oponopono’s main tasks, to let go of what does not serve us anymore, and once we let go, we then allow it to be erased. And, with the magical energies of Peru, we had the opportunity to work on these things with the help of Mother Earth, the energy of the “Pachamama,” as Peruvians call her.


For example, we ended up visiting the Moon Temple, which was not on the program. While there, we literally had the opportunity to return to the womb, and be reborn with a new matrix, a new pattern, and new decisions. This happened even before we got to do the work with the shaman, and even before arriving to Machu Picchu. We were getting ready!

That evening I kept thanking God for such joy and for this incredible opportunity!

The powerful and sacred places we visited, allowed us to do deep, and renewing work, which was tremendously comforting to our souls. I believe we all felt it in some way, and each one of us in our own way. We were a very heterogeneous group, as we had people from all around the world and with different backgrounds. People came from the United States, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Hungary. Some people brought their children; others brought their spouses, and in the end, we became very close, because all those children, spouses and even friends, shared, and became interested in participating in each one of the activities. Everyone personally worked on what he or she had to work on, thus letting go of what they needed, or was willing to let go of.


In the Sacred Valley we discovered Veronica, one of the APU (Gods, guardians); a mountain that kept hiding behind the clouds. It wouldn’t let us see it. But, believe it or not, we had our own Veronica with us in the group. With her help, we were able to do a lot of the deep work, and we are all very thankful to her. She was able to bring to our awareness much of the information we needed in order to let go, and through her guided meditation, she took each one of us to the perfect place in which to do it. I will soon share and tell you more about her.


Mother Nature behaved excellently with us, each day the weather had been perfect. For example, we actually were able to visit Machu Picchu, see it, and just as we finished and completed the most important activities, it started to rain. It was like a cleansing. We then found a sheltered place where we did our meditation. By the time we went to lunch, we could no longer see Machu Picchu, as the clouds had descended on it, and were so thick that it had virtually disappeared. It was completely hidden. It was as if Machu Picchu opened the sky for us and closed it after we received its incredible gifts.

peru-magicalPachamama was there to receive us, shelter us, care for us, give her warmth, and facilitated our work.

I know we are not the same anymore, we are different people now, and if some don’t notice the change yet, they will notice it as time goes by.

I am extremely grateful for my group’s trust, commitment, participation, their openness, and, above all, for granting me the opportunity to work on my stuff. I love to grow and learn, and I am always willing to let go.

So thank you, thank you, and thank you. Once again, Ho'oponopono has helped us, and accompanied us in this cleansing and erasing of the past, and its old programs. This has been another great opportunity. Thank you dear God, for granting me the great gift of rebirthing.




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  1. Cinzia says:

    finally the time has come in which people can free themselves

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