Ho'oponopono - Passion talents prosperity and more

Ho'oponopono - Passion talents prosperity and more
Published: August 14, 2013

ZeroTeleseries2013smallAloha my friend!

I am back home in Los Angeles!

Very happy of the opportunities to clean in South America and the personal work I got to do in Machu Picchu myself (still feeling the effects).

We started planning Israel now for December. This year will be a little bit different because Dr. Veronica will be coming with us too and we will have the opportunity to let go of the birth patterns that keep us slave and stuck, so that we can really let go and set ourselves free.

I am happy I am going to do something at home in Los Angeles this time too. It will be an event for the Founder's Church as part of their Success and Prosperity Series.

And for some of you that are far from LA, how would you like to know more about yourself?  Maybe be more confident and communicate better about yourself and have better communication with others?

Well, this summer in the Zero Frequency Passion Teleseries I will introduce you to a very important and tremendously useful tool: DISC Profiles and expert Carol Dysart to enlighten you. This will be a real eye opener and special treat. I promise. Just a gift of peace and happiness to yourself and others around you. Check out the info HERE!

See you or hear you soon?

Peace within IS world peace.

Mabel Katz


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