Ho'oponopono - The power of words

Ho'oponopono - The power of words
Published: September 24, 2013

Ho'oponopono - The Power of WordsAloha!

I am writing to you from Croatia. More than 400 people came to the Mystic Fair where I had the interview with Kreshimir. Wonderful as always. Another opportunity to share and keep spreading the Ho'oponopono philosophy.

Now on my way to Switzerland to visit friends and to share some more Ho'oponopono, this time in Spanish and German.

This coming Thursday I will have the possibility of sharing time with you on the monthly Q&A. Yes, at least once a month we come together to share and remind each other. So important to be able to keep letting go and cleaning. It is very easy to go back to our old habits, yes? Join us to take advantage of the reminder and to ask any question that will help you to get more clarity and more deeply into the cleaning.

Words have been used to make us laugh and cry. Words could wound or heal. With words we can make our intentions felt and our deepest desires known. This is why I choose to talk about the Power of Words this Thursday.

"See you" on the call.

 Mabel Katz



2 Responses to “Ho'oponopono - The power of words”
  1. alejandra gonzalez says:

    me encanta leer los comentarios de la gente. LA VERDAD ES QUE A MI ME CUESTA TRABAJO. No he podido ser constante. tengo un problema con un accidente en el que salio herido un motociclista y ahorita despues de casi un año comienzan las audiencias y esto me tiene muy nerviosa. YO SE QUE FUE UN ACCIDENTE pero me preocupa mucho. Quisiera me dieras un consejo mismo que te agradezco de antemano!

    • Mabel Katz says:

      Suelta, confia y NO DIGAS que TE CUESTA TRABAJO. Esas son memorias. No te enganches con ellas.
      Asi es, nada es un ACCIDENTE. Las cosas pasan por algo. Pidele a Dios que se encargue de esto. Dale permiso a El para que te ayude.
      Gracias por la oportunidad de limpiar con esto.

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