Ho'oponopono - Initiation, healing and cleaning in Israel

Ho'oponopono - Initiation, healing and cleaning in Israel
Published: October 7, 2013

Ho'oponopono - Tour to IsraelThank you for your patience. Many of you were waiting the details about the trip to Israel  in 2013. Here it is!

I would also like to share that everything is ready for you to share your natural gifts. Everything that you need is to relax and let go. You need to be free, open and flexible with what is coming. This is the perfect moment. If you are here, it means it was part of your original plan. Enjoy and celebrate the possibility to change your life forever.

This is the time to let go of the internal mandates. There is a lot of love at your reach to be able to transmute your old problems, your old memories, those from the past that follow you  around and are blocking your happiness. Start to forgive yourself and open to this opportunity.

Our past conditionings are our society’s worst virus. Our minds are programmed to catch the virus again and again. Break your old patterns, elevate your defenses against that virus through love and forgiveness.

Be grateful to Life for what you have, and be immune to the slavery of your mind. To be free is easy, you just have to give yourself permission.

Say thank you to your mind, let go and go inside. That is where you will find your truth.

This is what we are proposing to do in the Holy Land this year.

Are you willing to do what you have to do to find your happiness, your inner peace, and to bring your Real SELF to Light?

Of course it is up to you. You decide. You have free choice.

Mabel y Veronica



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  1. Julius says:

    Hi Mabel, i am very much interested in hooponopono practices. i needs pple 2 help me with used books & materials. i am living in a rural part of subsaharan Africa. thank u thank u. i love u all.

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