Ho'oponopono - Israel promotion ends tomorrow

Ho'oponopono - Israel promotion ends tomorrow
Published: October 14, 2013


The most important is our connection to Source. The only way to do this, is to get out of our heads, stop our minds and connect with that basic source, that part of Divinity that we all have inside of us.

This is what it produces this transformation to pure light energy, to love and to a more fulfilling life. A life full of creativity and new possibilities.

This is how we live at Zero. There is no effort involved. If we effort we are not at Zero. It is just to remember how to connect and you are there.

This is the perfect place to relax, this is where you are your true essence. It is like coming back home, where your real potential resides.

We do have a special proposal to make to you. Come to Holy Land this December with us to remember how to connect.

I know what you are thinking and feeling right now. Stop the fear and those thoughts. Follow your heart.

The promotion ends tomorrow, October 15. You have to Reserve your Spot NOW.


Veronica and Mabel


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