Ho'oponopono - Will I see you in Moscow or Budapest

Ho'oponopono - Will I see you in Moscow or Budapest
Published: October 28, 2013

russiaBAloha my friends!

On the road again...This tour will last two months, and starts in Moscow this coming weekend.

Every tour is different, and I am definitely different every time, and you know, I am more aware and can tell. That is why is never the same training. I always ask people after the class." Was this the same information you got in the Internet? Was this the same training you took last time?" The answer is always the same, a vey strong  "NO!"

It is funny to hear people say:  "I already took it, I know" They do not have a clue. I always say that the ones that come back are the ones that really got it.

When you see the results, when you can be at peace no matter what, you want more!

The subconscious mind needs to listen, listen and listen....in order to practice, practice and practice. And we know we need to practice this ALL THE TIME. We all need to listen to this every time we have the chance, in order to reprogram ourselves.

If we want things to change, we need to change. Peace begins with ME.

One of the illogical decisions I took thanks to Ho'oponopono, was to start my own accounting and tax practice (I always had worked as an employee at CPA offices) I didn't know at that time, but to work independently it was what I needed, because it gave me the freedom to travel at least once a month to any City Dr. Ihaleakalá was presenting and sit and take training AGAIN.

And talking about the training be the same....Yes, it was exactly the same, but I was not the same and I always got something, plus the benefit of the cleaning in the classroom.

Back home, after each class, I would notice I was doing more cleaning, and always unexplainable things happened and opened up. Those things we called miracles and that we do not know how that happened.

The Secret is the cleaning we do during  the training and that is the most important benefit, what is hard to explain.

Like Dr. Covey says :"I was sharpening the saw" and besides sharpening the saw and taking a break, I got put of the way, I was stopping being an obstacle in my own life.

As you know, everything comes back in life: Multiplied! Looking back, there was no better investment of money and time I could have done, but attending over 150 times to the "same" Ho'oponpono trainings, even in absentee if I couldn't be there physically.

Thank God to this part of me that knew better. I am grateful that my inspiration was able to override my excuses and my intellect.

Where are you going to sharpen your saw? You can choose: Moscow, Budapest, Bucharest, Madrid, Zagreb or Tel Aviv. Or, you can even decide to transform yourself and go to the next level in Holy Land with us in December.There are no "valid" excuses. We clean with great excuses here.

Take good care of yourself and give yourself the gift of investing time and money in yourself. You deserve it will be worth it.


Mabel Katz


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